Just Being Pretty Is Not Enough To Make You Lots of Money

While there are studies that prove that attractive people are more likely to be favored and earn more than those who are less attractive, just being simply pretty is not enough to make you lots of money. Celebrities nowadays do not enjoy as much privilege than during the days when all you need is some pretty face and you’re set to stardom.

People want more than just what they see.

1. Product Quality Over Package

People want real value for their money. Gone are the days when the only element needed for a commercial or product to succeed and sell in the market is some pretty and influential endorser. Nowadays, simple yet genuine approaches are much more preferred and loved by the people.

Not only in advertising, marketing and selling do people look at the quality of something over the packaging.

2. The Secret to Making Money = Sell

Robert Kiyosaki mentioned in his book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, that Xerox has one of the most intensive and the best sales training in the world that has helped prepare him to sell later on in his life on. He attributed some of the skills he developed in selling through the said training and thus, he later became a Best Selling Author. Not just the best writing author.

People often look down upon sales people especially the telemarketers like myself because they thought that we’re always off to ruin their days. Well, I couldn’t blame some as there had been poorly trained telemarketers who eventually ruin the little remaining piece of trust people may have on us. Now the thing is, if you don’t know how to sell, you can’t make money. It’s simple.

I know of a guy who is undoubtedly good looking, talented but the thing is, he doesn’t know how to sell and put his assets to his advantage.

Now look at those thousands of pages on Facebook and millions of sales pages in the internet that do not convert. What happened to them?! The administrators, authors and owners of these pages simply do not know how to convert leads to sales.

3. Use Charisma to Your Advantage

I couldn’t think of any other successful campaigns than that of 12for12k by Danny Brown. Prior to the campaign, Danny has always been someone that people listen to. Love to listen to. He has this natural charisma in him. Perhaps it’s not just Danny. There could be many other people out there who have their in-born charisma in them but what Danny stand out is that he was able to use the said advantage for a cause. He was able to turn his “following” into a responsive one.

4. Don’t Overdo Things. Know Just When to Pull Things and When Not To

Let’s go back to the guy who is good looking, talented but doesn’t make any sales. Did I mention he likes to share his thoughts to various forums? He does that a lot. And that’s the problem because people start to notice that he’s overly enthusiastic about what he has got to share. He’s overdoing it.

On the contrary, I know of a sales guy named Gary who knows just when to pull the right strings. He’s not afraid to turn down an offer and get a higher bid instead.

Also, I guess knowing when is the right time to pull back is what Steve Jobs is good at.

“Steve Jobs, like all great magicians, presented his latest feat of engineering and then did a most unexpected thing: He pulled back. Nature abhors a vacuum. Next, it was the media’s turn to step in and fill that void with wild speculation. Speculate they did.”

I have nothing against good looking and attractive people. I think they should actually learn how to use such advantage to work for them and earn more than the average looking ones. In order to do that, they need to learn that making money requires more than just looks but also setting up effective approaches and using skills that provide quality to their targeted market.

Image: Froodee

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