How to Unjoin or Leave a Group in LinkedIn

Groups have become essential parts of a growing community. Big communities need specific little group of similar-minded individuals to collaborate and network together in order for a community to survive and for discussions to become alive and interesting. We all want to be part of a group wherein members share our interest, passion and could get to discuss about those things.

Little Groups are What Makes the Big Communities Alive

LinkedIn has become pretty much successful in cultivating such an environment wherein anyone could create a group and invite the people in their network to join them and share statuses, links and insights on topics that they find interesting. The person who gets the most feedbacks and responses becomes the Top Influencer for the week for a specific group.

However, LinkedIn only allows you to join up to 50 groups so you could focus in engaging and making the most of those you joined. Now, if you wish to remove yourself in a group so you could join the others, below are the steps aided with screenshots so you easily unjoin or leave a group in LinkedIn.


1. First, you would need to go to Groups tab, then click on Your Groups. You will then be directed to the list of groups that you have joined. 


2. Choose the group that you wish to unjoin or remove yourself from.

3. Once in the group that you wish to leave, you will automatically be directed to the Discussions tab. Go instead to the More tab and click on My Settings.

4. In My Settings, you will see various options on how to modify the Visibility Settings and Contact Settings and Updates Settings. At the bottom, you will see the “Save Changes” button or “Cancel”. Then on the right most portion, you will see the rather less visible “Leave Group” button. That’s all you need to click so you could remove, unjoin or delete a group in LinkedIn. :)


  1. Toby Beavers says

    Thank you for this!!! Why is Lindein so stupid and stubborn about helping people leave Groups on Linkedin!!


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