LinkedIn – Watch Out for BranchOut!

59 Percent Say LinkedIn is Most Important Social Network Account

In a recent survey by Performics, the performance marketing agency owned by Publicis Groupe, results show that out of 2,997 active social networkers, 59 percent of the respondents said it is important to have a LinkedIn account more than any other social network as it tends to yield more positive results and responses when compared to other networking accounts when it comes to recruitment and in generating leads. It is because when compared to Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is designed as a core business platform, wherein one can completely forget about his personal relationships and exist only as a professional. Thus, one can have direct approach and focus when it comes to business related conversations.

The branding expert, Dan Schawbel even suggested that LinkedIn is About to Put Job Boards (and Resumes) Out of Business because companies will prioritize hiring via Apply With LinkedIn instead of using the traditional hiring process of accepting resumes from applicants.


LinkedIn Passes 100 Million Users

Just three months ago, LinkedIn has passed the 100 million registered users mark and to celebrate they have provided an infographic of interesting facts about the company. Another glorious moment was when its share price has more than doubled on its NYSE debut.

BranchOut: Savvy and Younger Professionals Need to Watch Out


Now with all its success, you might be wondering why would LinkedIn watch out for BranchOut. The app which could be accessed through your Facebook account and often compared to as LinkedIn for Facebook allows you to leverage on your existing contacts on Facebook and find jobs by showing you the latest job openings in your friends’ and their friends’ company.

You know what they say about “It’s not what you know but who you know”. So let’s say John works for Google and you’ve always wanted to work for the Search Engine Giant. Through your connection to John, BranchOut will show you the latest job openings in Google and shows you who among the people in the network works for the said company.

BranchOut allows its users to create professional profiles by importing professional data from your resume-like Facebook profile which includes employment histories, skills, education and job history. Ironically, it could also pull up data from you existing LinkedIn account.

Facebook Connect: Nay or Yay?

Since BranchOut is an app on Facebook, once you give access to it, it will have the ability to write posts on your Wall and notify them that you picked them when asked as to whom you would rather work with, or if you want to request a recommendation from them, it will post a notification to your friend’s Wall about it  and send you updates on your email. Now a lot of people finds this intrusive and annoying since almost every action prompts you to post on a friend or your Wall. Of course you always have the option not to. It’s more like the tagging feature which unfortunately LinkedIn doesn’t have. You can search for jobs within Facebook  (which undoubtedly the online community which we spend the most of our time with) and earn badges for the activities you do. One can also get and give recommendations to those in their network though I highly doubt that recruiters would find this reputable since almost anyone could leave recommendations for anybody. Reminds me of the good ole Friendster Testimonial days. ;)

Clearly BranchOut has several sociable capabilities which a little less-social LinkedIn doesn’t have. However, several people may not be comfortable sharing their data with Facebook, how much more would they try to give access to a third-party application? Therefore, if BranchOut targets the younger professionals then they are doing a great job in providing user recognition and social capabilities that LinkedIn lacks. As for the older bracket of users, LinkedIn still stays as the leading business platform for recruitment and professional networking because of the groups, customizable URL and several other features and capabilities that an app could not have.  Nonetheless, it’s exciting to see that more and more platforms are becoming available for everyone to use in finding jobs and building your professional network online.


  1. James David Roberts says

    I was invited by a friend to something that was free.How do I know if I didn’t get sucked in to something very expensive and not even know

  2. James David Roberts says

    I was invited by a friend that this was free. How do I know if I didn’t get sucked in to something very expensive and not even know

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