Taking Little Steps Towards Your Dream

Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting. – Christopher Morley


When you know you’ve got what it takes to succeed, do all that you can to keep chasing your dreams and never give up. Thomas Edison once said that, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

The same is true with marketing and in everything that we do. If we believe in our product or service, we need to keep finding ways and channels on how it could get to those who would benefit from it.

Below are videos of people who have big dreams and were not afraid to take the little steps towards it.

1. Justin Bieber – His song Never Say Never is a great reminder to us that we should no give up on our dreams and that we should not be afraid to take the steps necessary to get where we wanted. Below is a video when he was a young boy armed with guitar, his voice and his big dream singing in his little town. From Stratford to Stardom.


2. Matthew Epstein

photo credit BigLolz

When I watched Matt’s video through TechCrunch’s post, I thought it was just another boring stunt. Like it was all done before. However, as I continue to keep tabs on his journey to landing a job on Google, I am starting to like his passion and being fearless to chase his dream. He was contacted by Google but assured that there’s no quick ticket to getting hired but I really admire his guts to try it. He serves as a great reminder to each one of us that no matter how big our dreams may be, the only way to get to it is to take that single step towards reaching it.


3. Arjohn Gilbert
He is the wonder kid from Marcos Village in Mabalacat, Pampanga. He sells flute for a living, and he touches hearts through singing.

May these three men inspire us to keep taking that extra mile towards our dreams.


  1. says

    Thoroughly inspiring, Jonha! Thanks so much for sharing these stories and videos. =) I definitely need this reminder in my life right now. Persistence means everything, but it’s hard to keep on keeping on when life gets touch. I value you, friend! =)


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