We Can Be Anything

We Can Be Anything – An Advocacy for Education

Allan Pineda Lindo, Jr., also known as apl.de.ap who is a member of the rock band, The Black Eyed Peas, is the Ambassador for the WeCanBeAnything advocacy campaign born in partnership between the Apl.de.Ap Foundation (AdAF) and the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation (NCAF).  It aims to raise funds to build 10,000 new classrooms in the next two years or less through the said advocacy.

apl.de.ap has always been someone who is known to look back from his humble roots and he believes that Filipino kids should have equal opportunities as any kid anywhere in the world to pursue their dreams. He has previously donated computers and music library to his fellow Cabalens or kids from his hometown who have no access to the technology. After he expressed his desire to help improve the education situation in the Philippines, We Can Be Anything education campaign was conceived. It aims to help Filipino schoolchildren “to go to school and stay in school.” apl.de.ap is just one of the few celebrities who support causes for change.

Below is a photo of a group of young students from the Philippines who don’t have a classroom. Surely there is something we can do about it.

Below is the official video of We Can Be Anything which shows that through education, every Filipino and everyone who wish to change their situation can actually do so. I have always been a firm believer that we have the power to change the situation that we may be in, or our perspective towards it. Yes, you can. Together, we can be anything. 

How Can You Help?

With thousands of classrooms and learning centers urgently needing to be built, the problem can be overwhelming. But every contribution, big or small, can make a difference. Here’s how. You may also learn from about the advocacy by visiting their website, on Facebook or following them on Twitter.



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    Hope this man’s vision of changing the world in his own ways wont change. Saw the news recently about the projects he implemented and it was very very heart warming.

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