Facebook Comments are Now Being Indexed by Google

Google has now started to index not only your Facebook business pages but also Facebook Comments on your blog.

In a blog post by Amit Agarwal at Labnol, he explained that:

“….some of these commenting engines (referring to Disqus, Facebook Comments or Intense Debate) are implemented in JavaScript and hence search engines may not be able to read /index the comments that visitors are writing on your web pages.

In other words, your web pages will rarely get any SEO boost as comments are rendered in JavaScript within an IFRAME and hence the text is not visible to search engines.”

However, it looks like recent developments with Google algorithm shows that, “Googlebots, or the spiders that crawl web pages,  are now reading Facebook comments on websites just like any other text content and the more interesting part is that you can also search the text of these comments using regular Google search.”

He even shared an example of how Robert Scoble’s comment on Techcrunch (which supports Facebook comments) was indexed and even found on normal Google search.



Above is a screenshot of Robert Scoble’s comment on an article on Techcrunch. The blog’s commenting system is powered by Facebook Comments which is impelemented in JavaScript and normally couldn’t be read or indexed by search engines but it seems that when certain keywords from the said comment by Scoble are now searchable in the Google web search.

A commenter on Agarwal’s blog also confirmed that even comments left on your blog through Disqus are also be indexed by Google now.

Now there is no reason not to use third-party commenting systems like Disqus, Facebook Comments or Livefyre because they actually help increase the interaction in your blog and especially now that they are even being indexed by Google.


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    If that’s the case, facebook will be totally spammed and Google will be happy of it and people will start to turn their backs on facebook and will start using Google+ :D

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    Hmmm, glad I am a Disqus guy, even when some my Com Luv network marketing buddies gave me the business about it ;)

    Really cool development Jonha, which underscores how powerful commenting is. It builds connections, and it can also land you on the first page of google.

    Thanks for sharing!


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      True that! I remembered Michael saying about the importance of allowing people to say anything about you (yep, that includes negative comments  too!) and he mentioned SEO and transparency/credibility as two reasons. http://www.mrm-london.com/2011/07/why-you-should-allow-people-to-criticise-you-on-your-own-blog/ And yes, I think it helps  build community and allows people to come back for more. Aside from the interesting content, it’s the insightful comments that keep the blog alive and interesting. You sure make my blog posts way more interesting with your insights. 

      Thanks for stopping by, Ryan! 

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    It will be interesting to see how Google indexes Google + comments. I have a feeling the will emphasize them in the results over Facebook comments to promote their own social network. But Google wouldn’t do that would they? The new freshness update is definitely stirring things up and it will be interesting to see how social media fits into the new algorithm.

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    I”ve noticed a lot fewer comments on FB in the past few months, many are just using the “like” button now without commenting. If you knew every comment were subject to a Google search, would you guard what you say? I think many people will and we can expect more SEO laden comments.

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    Google+ and Facebook both are provide excellent social net working sites.compare to facebook within short period Google+ achieved facebook record. Nowadays most of the people like Google+ services.

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    In current situation Google is the king of SEO and Facebook is a biggest social media site. It’s a get a more popularity in short time. Mostly people know about the facebook and Google. But Google is available in long time so that’s get a big market in the interenet world.


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