Social Media Strategy for Success

Social Media Plans: Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

When I started out as a social media strategist, I had to admit that social media strategies and plans don’t exist in my vocabulary. I love the idea of using social platforms to promote a product or business but I didn’t know plans were necessary. So each day I would schedule Twitter posts, comment and like on Facebook updates, post updates and the likes. There were no concrete plan and the no measurement either.

If you’re a small business and wanting to jump into the social media bandwagon, please do yourself a favor and devise a plan first. While plans may often be a little unrealistic, track the progress and success and adjust your plans accordingly.

Simply Business has shared what I think is a helpful interactive guide that will help both newbies and pros alike in creating a social media plan and in my guest post with Lori R. Taylor, I have explained each step and how each of them are vital towards your social media success.

Stop Committing Mistakes

Mistakes are essential part of marketing as we get to learn from them. However, if you keep on failing and committing mistakes because you fail to plan, that’s another story. Evaluate your existing social media plan and see which areas are you failing so you could create strategies accordingly.

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