5 Most Annoying Things that People Do on Facebook [Infographic]

Facebook has grown to become to become the biggest social networking site with over 850 million of active users  that if it were a country, it would be the third largest.

With millions of users that have different personalities, here are just 5 of the most annoying types of Facebook users.

Aside from the 5 most annoying types of Facebook users, below are just 5 of the most annoying things that people do on Facebook.

1. Public Display of Affection on Wall Posts write things they want and lovers have all the right to show their love for their loved ones. But gawd, once is enough. Two is too much (especially when that’s all you do) and especially when it appears on my News Feed!

2. Hide Wall

It’s ridiculous when people add you on Facebook and you will see their Wall. What’s the point of adding you when you won’t see a thing anyway?

3. Write You a Note Without Your Name

I hate it when people send me a message like it’s a mass message. I treat my Facebook messages as holy. I don’t need spammers on my friends list and if you try and add me, send me a generic message then there’s always that ‘Block’ button for you.

4. Hi only

Come on! There’s nothing more annoying than getting a message that only says ‘hi’. If you plan on getting a noteworthy conversation with someone, at least have the guts to open an interesting topic and not just ‘hi’. Step up your game by finding your mutual interest, provide an insight on their most recent post, anything – just do away with that single ‘Hi”.

5. Game Updates

Unless your friends are purely a bunch of gamers wanting and you want to compete with other, do your non-gamer friends a favor to lower down the Farmville and what-not updates.

Those are just 5 of the most annoying types of Facebook users and the top 5 most annoying things that people do on Facebook. Have you noticed any other Facebook behaviors that you think should be included in the list? Let me know through the comments below!

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  1. says

    To be honest, I could quite tolerate the items listed above. I mean, c’mon, we have different personalities and those items above reflect who they are (well atleast you could use them to give you a hint to who they are/what they do). And this is what Facebook is all about.

    What I cannot tolerate are those who share photos of:

    1. Dead people (plus, the story behind the photo) which typically ends with “Share this to make this story known to many so they could be aware blah blah.” What’s so upsetting here is that, not all of us wants to see dead people on our news feed (we could be eating while browsing). What’s much more upsetting is, the more gory the photo is, the more attention-grabbing it would be. But hell, I’ve seen photos like these many times. It’s nothing but pure exploitation to gather Likes and Shares.

    2. Share this photo if you love Jesus. Another hell from me here. What’s much worse is when you didn’t share the photo, you’re at Satan’s side. What a way to show your faith to the public…

    3. Your face. Mother of God, we all know that it’s your profile and you are free to do whatever you want. But can these people just take note that their friends could actually see what they post (unless they hide them of course). Who’s interested to see a duck face from you (or other millions of poses you mastered). Being a narcissist is acceptable, but people need to learn that not all people appreciate a bunch of photos of their face on their friends’ news feed.

    Another thing people needs to put in mind that those who are subscribed to them and interacts with them often could actually see if they Liked or commented on a public photo/post, which is quite the same as Sharing them on their friends’ News Feed. So people need to be more careful because this gets quite embarrassing if they do not intend to publicize their comment/Like on that particular Public post.

    • says

      Amen to that Gian! To add to that – photos of kids. I do that too but I kinda can’t tolerate other people constantly posting about every little thing their kids do. Even their puke! (I’m not kidding. I’ve seen one.)

      • says

        Oh, the proud parents. They are everywhere. As of this typing I can see photos of daddies/mommies posting photos of their kids (and liking every photo they posted haha). Well, we don’t know. Maybe when I get there I could understand them. But, photos of their children’s puke is quite much. O.o

      • says

        Pukes on Facebook?! 

        Unless you’re the goddess of beauty posting those nasty moments ain’t just right. Oh wait, goddesses won’t do that anyway. Wow, that just stinks (excuse the pun) 

    • says

      Gian, I agree about us having different personalities and we all totally have the right what we want to share because after all, it’s our Wall but hey, it helps to evaluate if we’re over-doing things. I actually have to admit that I unconsciously commit one of those above.

      Eek, I hate chain photos! Chain letters are so yesterday! Let’s leave it in the email era puhlease! haha  

      • says

        Actually the first time I encountered chain messages was back then when I was in Grade 4 (around year 2000). Haha. Well, I can’t believe up to know it’s still alive. 

  2. says

    I will talk with most anyone who troubles to start a conversation with me.    And if we are face to face,   there are all sorts of things we might choose to do to engage with and have a conversation with each other.   Online,  where it is text only,   we are  actually a lot more limited.    If you were right here and said Hi,   I might say Hello and ask how are you.      And if I’m really bored I might occasionally write back something like,  yeah, hi how are you today….but for the most part,  I’m just not going to bother going through any motions just to help you start a conversation.   Now if you as me a provocative question and make clear you want a sincere answer….

    • says

      Hi Alan,

      Perhaps it’s just my personal preference to have people address me with my name. It feels more personal and targeted. I try not to be mean with everyone and respond as fast as I could :) 

  3. Drew says

    Where to start…..

    People who put their personal disputes from the real world as a status update

    People who insist on adding as many friends from your list and then complain when some of those people dont accept them

    People who always decide to talk to you by posting on your wall rather than a private message

    People who use facebook as their only way of communication and never wanna call or meet face to face

    Just to name a few


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