Fear is Never the Answer

We do things for specific reasons. Without those reasons, we wouldn’t be as motivated as possible. For some people, they do what they do because they love to (passion). For others, they do what they do because they have to (responsibility). Perhaps it’s safe to conclude that we do things out of passion and responsibility. With passion, either we love what we do or we love the person we’re doing it for. For responsibility, we do it because we’re paid to do it or maybe it’s part of something we’re bonded to do.

For more than four years with the same company that has taught me a lot of things that helped me to be where I am right now, one day I finally decided to quit the said job. It wasn’t an easy decision. For many night of restless wrestling and being at war with my own thoughts and priorities, I finally hit the trigger. While I love the idea of having a stable job, I feel deep within my heart that it wasn’t really something I wanted to do forever. The things that I’ve been doing aren’t align with that of my long term personal, career and financial goals. Somewhere in between those decisions and courage is the fear that for more than four years has crippled me to go on and do that which I always wanted to. Fear has stopped me from moving. From growing. It gave me the feeling that being stuck to where I was the safest thing to do. Yet always trying to be safe in what we do isn’t always the best, or the bravest thing to do.

Fear is crippling.

Fear is doubting.

Fear is never the answer.

When I think of fear, there’s always one person that comes to mind. She was my supervisor when I was working part-time in a fastfood chain while studying at the same time. She was strict and firm with her directions. She was a great disciplinarian. I was literally afraid of her then. I remember going to the store with fear as a motivation to do what I have to. I always feared I may not be able to follow her instructions well. All those years I worked with fear as my key and while I love her and admire her a lot, she taught me one of the most important lessons I have ever learned in my life. Fear is never the answer. While we can immediately force someone to do what we want them to, it’s not a trick that works best in the long run. Letting someone learn out of love and master it out of passion will keep them motivated forever.

Now I stay at home working freelance as a Social Media Strategist and a Community Manager for various companies and brands [here's a link to my resume in case you're interested]. Still the fear of having not so stable job is there. Yet I decided not to be covered by the fog of fear because I know that my passion for social media couple with my faith in the Deity is much more powerful that those fog of darkness brought by fear.

I have just recently got a client who hired me as an Outreach Coordinator. Everyday my client would ask me about the progress of the work and never fails to ask if there’s any way he could help me with my work. He was the boss yet he was always the first to help. He actually isn’t just a boss. He’s a great leader.

I have never felt so motivated and fulfilled in all my other works but now. As I try to help my client’s clients build links, my job has been helping me galvanize my existing links (networks) and build new ones.

May this serve as a simple reminder to all the leaders and bosses out there that fear is never the answer. Encouraging your employees to be their best and not just forcing them to give their best will help produce the best results.


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