Generation Change Project in Davao City

Generation Change Project in Davao City Philippines

Last April 4th, I got an email from Mr. Neil Y. Pacamalan, the U.S. Embassy’s Cultural Affairs Specialist for Mindanao with an invitation for the upcoming U.S. Embassy’s Generation Change Project in Davao City from April 24-25, 2012.

The project will bring together 50 emerging leaders for leadership and social media training.

The Generation Change Project is a youth-lead global network dedicated to empowerin f the next generation of innovators and leaders. It provides a platform for the free exchange of ideas across the borders and cultures, and a community of peers and mentors who use their collective resources to positively impact communities locally and globally.

Generation Change conferences are being held in the United States and around the world, and this conference is designed to link the Philippines to the global project.

The said conference will be a great opportunity for me to meet with other advocacy bloggers and future leaders and share ideas and get more training on how we could use the social media for social change.

Update: You may read what happened and my insights about the Generation Change 2012 in the Davao Philippines here.



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