Unilab Ideas Positive Iloilo and Davao Finalists

unilab ideas positive in iloilo

ILOILO, PHILIPPINESUnilab Ideas Positive, the only social marketing congress and competition for college students in the country today, is expanding this year from Metro Manila to the entire Philippines, tapping students from the Visayas region to join and become part of this campaign.

More college students will, thus, have an opportunity to help transform their chosen communities with their social marketing ideas.

And because more positive ideas will be developed, more communities will benefit. Fifteen (15) teams will each be given Php100,000 seed money from Unilab Foundation for the implementation of social marketing programs—a total of Php1.5 million seed money.

Indeed, it’s an even more exciting Unilab Ideas Positive this year with bigger prizes at stake. But more than the prizes, it’s the opportunity to come together for a shared goal of a healthier nation that makes Unilab Ideas Positive a rewarding venue for the Filipino youth to make a significant contribution where it is needed most.

Five selected college student teams from Iloilo will present their social marketing ideas aimed to improve the health and wellness situation in their chosen communities. Witness Iloilo’s youth share their plans making a better Philippines, one community at a time during our live screening scheduled as follows:

When: May 18, 2012 (Friday), 9 am
Where: Executive Hall, Hotel Del Rio
M.H. Del Pilar Street, Molo, Iloilo City

The live screening aims to select the regional finalists who will advance to the program’s 3-day social marketing bootcamp in June. These selected groups will also be given P100,000 as seed money for them to implement their projects and see them come to life.

Being one of the 50 delegates of the Generation Change Project by the U.S Embassy in the Philippines, in partnership with Ateneo de Davao University, it would be interesting to see proposed projects by students here in Iloilo on how they could fully utilize the power of social media for social good.

More Information About Unilab Ideas Positive

To learn more about this campaign, you may click on the following links: Website | Facebook | Twitter

UPDATE: The Unilab Ideas Positive Ideas Winners Top 12 is here.

4 Greatest Marketing Lessons from a Non-Marketing Friend

how to market in social network building networks marketing

Social Relationships Beyond Social Networks: Building and Expanding Networks, Not Break Them

For the past couple of days, I wake up to the sound of someone typing on her keyboard. It’s my flatmate, Michele. Perhaps she’s doing what we normally do on Facebook – sending messages to our friends, commenting on a high school friend’s photo, perhaps catching up with a grade school friend through Facebook chat.

Yet, there’s something more with what she’s doing that got me curious. She’s been sending rather lengthy messages to her friends for a couple of days now. When asked, she said that she’s promoting a friend’s product. Several days prior to that, she asked on how she could send messages to several people and I told her just how it’s done.

I told her she could just setup a Facebook page and have people like it or upload a photo of the product and tag those whom she targets to buy. Michele, my non-marketing (actually a nursing graduate) friend, taught me some of the greatest marketing lessons that I think we, marketers, could learn from.

1. Old School Marketing to Old School Mates

Even if my non-marketing friend was marketing a product through Facebook, she was doing it with old school approach. Instead of sending a single message to several people at once, she prefers to send them one by one. With a personal approach.

Through this method, she is able to choose which people on her network are recipients of her message. She’s able to target which among these people are more likely to respond to her message affirmatively. She also knew that massive messaging on Facebook may save some but not her effort as it will actually annoy people who didn’t want to receive the message in the first place. Banking on her existing networks in real life, she has taken marketing to a next level by crafting personal messages that would appeal to each and every individual she’s sending it to.

It’s surprising that a non-marketing friend actually understands the value of personal touch way more than my digital marketing friends who ruthlessly send a single message to several people at once – thinking it will save their time. Thus, risking the chance to reach out at on a personal level.

2. Know Where Your Targets Are and Connect With Them There

Marketers these days are so obsessed with the idea of increasing Facebook likes and Twitter followers as if it’s the only way to gauge success. Just because Facebook has over 900 million doesn’t mean it’s the only platform that could truly help you succeed in your marketing goals.

It’s important to understand and find out where your exact target market are spending most of their time, where they are likely to spend (normally people use Facebook for personal relationships – connecting with people they’ve previously connected with) while it’s interesting how women are actually likely to spend after visiting Pinterest.

Find out where your target is flocking, understand their buying behavior, add value to their situation and make sure your product or service is the kind of value they truly need and not just blindly thrust what you offer to their throats. Attending offline events still has magic too!

3. Personal Touch

Often we get caught up with the idea of making a sell, close a deal that we often forget building relationships and taking the approach to a much personal level. Working in Sales and Marketing for over 4 years and eventually shifting to Digital Marketing, I have learned that people are more likely to trust and value your opinion if they already know you. Don’t ruin your existing relationships by over-promoting.

My non-marketing friend did it best. Instead of massive Facebook mailing by sending a single message to several of her highschool friends all at once, she took the rather time consuming yet personal approach of sending customized messages to each of her recipient making her approach even more genuine, more likely to be read and more likely to get positive response.

Personal approach, no matter how time consuming it may be, goes a long way.

There are only 3 marketers which I really enjoy receiving newsletters from. They are Mari Smith, Ramit Sethi  and Neal Rodriguez. These thought leaders do not bombard me with daily marketing newsletters. In fact, they probably send just one email in a month, unless they have a webinar or something really important. They send me valuable emails with an approach that if I don’t see the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the email, I would be left thinking that they actually crafted the message specifically for me and send them one by one. I look forward to their newsletters that when I receive them, I completely stop what I’m doing and read them like a passage from the Bible.

4. Quantity vs/ Quality

Michele has a little over 1,000 friends on Facebook. These are the people she has met through school, when she served her mission for our Church and those she has met on a daily basis. In short, these people know her already as a nurse graduate. Thus, they would trust her judgment and recommendation when she promoted a beauty product.

On the other hand, a marketing friend, (who actually sent me a message as I type this post) wanted me to like their Facebook page. The marketing friend and me didn’t have any previous correspondence in the past yet there he is, asking me to like their page without even offering the slightest value that would trigger me to take his required action.

Another example is what I do for Saving is Sexy. It’s my personal finance blog where I advocate about the need to save money. While I have initially “invited” Facebook connections to like the page, I took a different strategy to make it grow. Sharing funny yet relevant photos on saving money has helped me grow the community in an organic way. Instead of bombarding my Facebook connections with links to the page, begging them to check out the page, I took control of the fact that images have higher engagement rate on Facebook. Since interesting photos have higher virality, my connections spread the photos for me which in turn gets spread by their connections. Thus, I am getting fans that actually like my Saving is Sexy page because they really like it and not just connections that I begged to like it.

My marketing friends, may we learn from my non-marketing friend. Let us not be too caught up with the end result of our marketing goals and focus on creating and providing value to all those we network with. Take personal approaches instead of just blindly marketing to just about anyone within our reach.

Search Engines Goes Social: Bing Social Search


Microsoft’s Bing Goes Social Search 

Microsoft is adding a new Social Sidebar to Bing search that shows your contacts and activity on all your social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and even Google+.

The Whole New Bing: Relevant, Comprehensive and Trustworthy

According to Bing’s announcement, “The new Bing introduces a brand new information architecture with a three column design that focuses on bringing you information from the web to help you take action and interact with friends and experts without compromising the core search experience”.

The separation of the state and the search doesn’t apply to search engines and social networks now as Google integrated social activities to search results and it’s not surprising that Bing is following suit.

Will this integration make you enjoy the use of Bing or will it freak you out that all your social activities could now to tracked real-time on the social search?

Stop Chasing the Wrong Things

stop chasing the wrong things

Sometimes in our lives we tend to chase the best things – best dress, best jobs and even want to associate ourselves with the best people to the point that our quest stops us from being with the right people. People who truly care for us, who would truly stay when we need them the most.

Today, stop and ponder about what’s happening in your life. Stop trying to outrun everyone in the rat race. Focus on the most essential things in life. It’s not always the glittering ones. Focus on the things that matters the most. Most of the time these are the ones that have always been there. Perhaps a friend in high school. A teach in kindergarten who has always inspired and lifted you up when you’re down. Give them a chance to catch up on you.

And maybe with quest and trying to chase the balloon, we’ve forgotten that an ice cream has been melting in our hands. May you stop today and be thankful for the little things that you have – these are the little things that makes life more meaningful.

IBM and the Philippine Government Partner to Build R&D Lab

IBM and DOST to build R & D Lab

MANILA, Philippines, May 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — IBM (NYSE: IBM) and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) of the Republic of the Philippines today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work together to establish the first Philippine Systems & Technology R&D Laboratory to help spur economic growth.

The R&D Lab is aligned with Philippines’ strategic growth initiative that calls for greater partnering between industry and government to advance four critical areas for the country: business process outsourcing, governance for anti corruption, talent development, and innovation for a knowledge-based economy. Touching on all four pillars, the new R&D Lab will strive to contribute to the productivity of the Filipino people and improve their quality of life through the generation and promotion of strategic technologies and expertise.

Having established numerous R&D laboratories and co-laboratories in many countries, IBM, the leading global provider of IT and business solutions, has the technical capability, expertise and know-how to collaborate with the DOST in its research efforts and programs.

“2012 marks IBM’s 75th year in the Philippines and this cooperation with the DOST furthers our commitment to, and trust in the region and its people,” said Mariels Almeda Winhoffer, President and Country General Manager, Philippines. “The project is also a great example of an integrated, joint approach to research that combines IBM’s global expertise with the skills and knowledge of the Filipino people to accelerate their preparedness for the global marketplace.”

Secretary Mario Montejo of the DOST was appreciative of IBM’s initiative in establishing the R&D Lab. “By harnessing IBM’s experience and international best practices along with our local scientific talent, this R&D center will go a long way in building domestic capacity to support continued economic growth and global competitiveness,” Secretary Montejo said.

Cooperation with the private sector particularly in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry plays a significant role in the development of the industry. “This cooperation with IBM ensures that Industry and Government initiatives are cohesive and yield long term benefits for the most number of people,” said Executive Director Louis Casambre of the Information and Communications Technology Office of the DOST. “We are looking forward to more of these collaborations with other industry partners.”

In the signed agreement, the projects to be undertaken by the Philippine Systems and Technology R&D Lab shall be in line with the priority projects of the Government based on the National Economic Development Authority’s (NEDA) Medium Term Development Plan. The DOST and IBM may consider the following areas as the initial projects of the R&D Lab, subject to export and other applicable laws:

Project audit system and database;
E-governance services including a dashboard view for government officials;
Landslide predictive analytics;
Weather prediction and flood mapping;
Crime prevention;
Traffic management; and
High-performance computing and business analytics.

About IBM
Since establishing its presence in the Philippines in 1937, IBM has evolved to become the leading information technology partner in the country, providing hardware, software, and IT-enabled business services to domestic and global markets. IBM in the Philippines has grown exponentially in terms of business portfolio, talent growth and geographic reach.

For more information about IBM in the Philippines, please visit http://www.ibm.com/ph

About DOST
The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is the premiere science and technology body in the country charged with the twin mandate of providing central direction, leadership and coordination of all scientific and technological activities, and of formulating policies, programs and projects to support national development. For more information about the DOST, please visit http://www.dost.gov.ph

Media Contact(s)

Owen Cammayo
IBM Media Relations
IBM Philippines
(+63) 917-888-6936
[email protected]

Roy Expiritu
Information and Communications Technology Office – DOST
(+63) 919-606-7006
[email protected]

Mike Zimmerman
IBM Media Relations
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