5 Digital Tools to Boost Your Brand [INFOGRAPHIC]

Digital tools that will help boost your brand

Below are the five digital tools that many brands are successfully utilizing to become an active role in their fans’ lives and specific brand mentions on who’s doing it right.

1. Social Boomarking
2. F-Commerce
3. Digital Coupons
4. Mobile Photo Sharing
5. Gamification

Does your brand utilize any of those tools mentioned? Which one has worked best for your company?

Social Media and Dating: What Do They Have in Common?

Social Media and Dating Ryan Gosling Klout Meme

Social Media and Dating Rules: What Do They Have in Common?

In case you missed it, last week I discussed about the what does SEO and dating have in common. I’ve gotten some responses from readers and followers on Twitter that both requires attention, focus and it’s quite surprising that guys dig the Ryan Gosling photo as much as the chicks do ;) In this article, we will explore in what ways does social media and dating have in common. Yes, with Ryan Gosling photos to aid the explanations.

Both social media and dating have several set of rules which unfortunately do not apply to everyone or at least, not all of it. Below are just some of the similarities that I have observed in dating and social media.

1. Everyone is unique. So should your messages and strategies in each platform.

Every individual we meet is different and we have to adjust and treat them accordingly. There are people who prefer some things over the other while others like to do things differently. A guy you’ve dated in high school maybe different from the guy you’re currently dating at work. Thus, each guy’s preferences can be different from the other and you’re left with no other choices but to deal with them accordingly.

The same is true with how different Google+ from Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn (much like the guy you’re dating at work) is different from Pinterest (your high school interest). Therefore, you would need to craft messages and strategies accordingly. Some platforms are a little formal than the others, others may be a little casual.

2. Don’t automate or or keep doing/saying the same things over and over again

I have been following someone on Twitter who automates all of his posts and it’s just as annoying as eating in the same restaurant everyday with the same dish on your date.

I personally learned this lesson the hard way since I have my Facebook, LinkedIn, NetworkedBlogs linked to my Twitter so when a blog post is published, the same message gets tweeted as much as how many social networking platforms are connected on my Twitter. I appreciate Franky for catching that and I have learned I have authorized over 10 apps on my Twitter that weren’t supposed to be there anyway.

Spice up your content strategies by crafting messages based on what’s appropriate for each platform. I have learned that tweeting preferably in less than 130 characters will give you the maximum exposure and probably retweets on Twitter. Creating a much more casual introduction or description about your post on Facebook will likely get you more likes and shares.Yes, photos seem to have higher engagement too.

3. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not

You know what they say about boys trying to put their best foot forward in the early stages of dating? I daresay girls can be terrible at pretending too. Or trying to change some behaviors and lifestyle just to fit in to that ideal person of the one we want to impress.

In Social Media, be careful of people who call themselves experts or gurus. People who really are great at what they do don’t need to call themselves fancy names just to prove they are indeed great.

Fake hair, fake nails, fake boobs, fake tan and you ladies are searching for a real man?

4. Timing is essential

After creating an excellent social media plan, part of the execution process is to be able to post them on the right time to get the ears of the right people.

Guys seem to be very good at timing when they want to. Carefully executing their game plan and strategies in catching the attention of the girl they want to. One good strategy after another.

Those are just some of the rules in dating and social media which I have found both have in common. What other similarities have you spotted on both which are not included in the list? Feel free to share them with us through the comments below.

How the Internet Could be Affecting Your Brain

Digital Stress on your brain how internet hurts brain

Why Multi-tasking is Bad: The Digital Stress and Your Brain

Our brain is a marvelous organ. It helps us to become creative and perform tasks. However, there are certain activities that we are doing online that could be damaging our causing it to have digital stress.

The following infographic from OnlineUniversities explore the possible causes of digital stress or how our online activities could affect our brain.

Limits of Multi-tasking and Key takeaways

Our human brain can only manage two tasks at once. Having a third task causes considerable drop in accuracy.
- People who read email change screens twice as often. They’re in a steady “high alert” state with more constant heart rates.
- Multitasking takes a toll on our brainds. Some neuroscientists believe that our brains weren’t designed to handle the amount of information they’re currently processing.

How to Avoid Stressing Your Brain

1. Focus on Tasks – Start by limiting the number of times you log on to your email and designating a specific time to check your social networking sites. Yes, that includes avoiding hitting the Refresh button every minute.
2. Complete Similar Tasks Together – Send messages in batches and read blog updates at once.
3. Take a break – The world won’t probably end tomorrow. Take a break every once in a while. Study shows that micro breaks actually help improve productivity.

Do you think that multitasking helps improve your productivity? Share with us through the comments below why you think it does, or does not.

Study: Women Influence Men more than other Women on Facebook

women more influential on facebook most influential women on facebook

Study Shows that Women Influence Men More Than Women

In my previous about, Social Media and the Power of Peer Influence, a study shows that consumers trust recommendations from peers from over all forms of advertising but content really spreads 5 to 1 on Twitter and 9 to 1 on Facebook.

In a recent BusinessWeek post they reported a study which shows that women are likely to influence more male than other women. Women sway more men to their Facebook recommendations than they do members of their own gender, suggests a survey that may help advertisers hone their online pitches. Women are also less susceptible to influence.

The research, published in the journal Science, tracked the use of an application to see whether one’s Facebook friends would adopt it. When women sent friends a notification that they had used the app, about 1 1/2 times more male friends acted on the information than females. Men, however, were 49 percent more influential in general.

“I think Facebook is in a unique position to improve its advertising strategy and focus on the social factors that influence its users, for example, looking at the influence of advice from peers on what to buy, or at incentives that direct the spread of advertising campaigns,” said Dylan Walker, co- author of the study and a research fellow at New York University’s Stern School of Business.

The study showed that people whose relationship status is “single” or “married” are more than twice as influential among friends as users whose status is “in a relationship” or “it’s complicated.” Influence on Facebook generally increases with age, with people older than 31 being 51 percent more likely to influence friends than people younger than 18.

It means that social media is becoming a great source for people when looking for recommendations as to what product to buy, which company provides an excellent service and which doesn’t. Companies and brand should focus their attention in getting to know their target market better by communications with them through these social networking platforms and understanding their purchasing behavior.

How has your buying decisions been influenced by women lately?

Free Landline and Mobile Calls to the World for a Month from Skype

Free Skype Unlimited Calls to the World for a Month

Call Landlines and Mobile Phones Around the World for a Month – For FREE

Exciting news from Skype! You can now call your friends and relatives around the world for free. Well, of course you can with Skype-to-Skype but this one allows you to call your relatives, friends and lovers around the world for free on their mobile phones and landlines which may usually cost $13.99.

What Countries Are Included in the Free Calls for a Month

 You may call landlines to over 40 countries which include (but not limited to) UK, USA, Japan, China, Australia, etc. There are only 8 countries which you may call mobile phones for free though.

How to Avail of the FREE Unlimited Calls from Skype – Mobile and Landline?

Once you’ve received an email from Skype, simply click on the Claim your free month of calls button and then it will take you to a form which says you will need to pre-authorize $1.00 to check your card, Paypal, or Skrill account. Well, that’s the sole catch but they promised they’re not actually gonna take it ;)


Well there you go, call your loved ones, relatives and friends on their mobile phones and landlines via Skype for a month for free.