Join the Redditgifts’ Arbitrary Day 2012

Reddit Arbitrary Day 2012

Calling all geeks! It’ the time of the year when strangers unite and give gifts. Wicked, eh?

Arbitrary Day is a redditgifts gift giving holiday created by community members when they just couldn’t wait until Secret Santa for their gift giving fix.

Last year, over 7,000 people in 71 countries got together and sent more than $250,000 in gifts around the world!

Arbitrary Day has no theme and is purely about giving a gift because you feel like giving.  Even Jimmy Fallon got involved last year. You may read the rules for the Arbitrary Day 2012 here and sign up here!

Arbitrary Day Important Dates

Signup Starts May 29, 2012
Signup Ends June 25, 2012
Must Ship By July 16, 2012


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