Do’s and Dont’s for Community Management [INFOGRAPHIC]

Dos and Donts on Community Management

Do’s and Don’ts for Community Managers

How do you stay on track on your social media plans and campaigns? Below is a nice infographic from Return on Digital which showcases some of the basic dos and donts for community management.

Dos and Donts on Community ManagementShare with us through the comments below as to what are some of the greatest challenges you’ve encountered as a Community Manager and how do you deal with them?

LinkedIn Used to Raise Public Awareness of Sex Trafficking

BBH Singapore Campaign of Sex Awareness in LinkedIn

TrickedIn: Campaign to Raise Public Awareness of Sex Trafficking

LinkedIn is a great platform to provide updates about one’s career and to connect with other professionals. Interns Alex Dickinson, Vera Chung, Holly Attrill and Andries Vaisman at BBH prove that it can be a great platform to use for advocacy too.

Through a campaign called TrickedIn and based on a series of interviews with several illegal sex workers, the team created a composite character, Kim Diya, whose personal work history on LinkedIn reflects that of the girls they interviewed.

BBH Singapore Campaign of Sex Awareness in LinkedIn

When I attended the Satay Social, I was a little surprised when Vera Chung handed me with a business card named Kim Diyawith a job title ” Trafficked Sex Worker”. That’s when I got to learn more about the campaign. Kim Diya is a reflection of many women (Filipinas in particular) who are victims of sex trafficking tricked into the promise of good job and good pay but often find themselves in completely opposite situation.

Currently, the campaign has run into some issues because LinkedIn has suspended  or restricted her account due to the violation of their Terms of Service (which requires that the information in the account should be accurate and verifiable.

UPDATE: LinkedIn has responded with their Official Statement that while they understand the seriousness of the advocacy, they want to stand firm to their rules and standards that the information should be accurate and verifiable.

Facebook and Twitter being used for great causes but it was the first time time LinkedIn was utilized so it’s a little disappointing they didn’t consider that.

At the moment, the BBH team are looking into other avenues for raising awareness about sex trafficking in Singapore.

Sex Trafficking Awareness Campaign in LinkedIn

You may learn more about the campaign here or connect with them on Twitter!

The Importance of Social Data to Your Marketing Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Data to Marketing Strategy

The Social Marketing Process 

Social media is here to stay. Guess we’re all aware of that. In fact, 97% of marketers surveyed by Wildfire believe that social media is an integral part of their business model and marketing strategy.

However, the thing is that most companies don’t realize is that they can tap into the vast amount of data contained in the online social footprints that consumers leave behind. Utilizing this data to maximize marketing output and increase ROI is called Social Data Strategy.

The following infographic from Lanoba explores the social media process and the importance of the consumer data – which could be available through social media.

Social Data to Marketing Strategy

How does your company bank on the existing consumer data made available by the social media?

Social Engagement: Is it a Real Metric? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media Metrics

Engagement Is A Real Metric

There had been debate whether social media and its results are measurable or not. Well, the following infographic from SocialBakers ends that debate. It shows that social engagement is actually a valid metric and that there’s really an ROI to Facebook, Twitter and many other social networking sites.

Well, in case you haven’t heard. The average engagement rates for posts made on social media sites range from just 0.01 to 1 percent. Yes, you’re not alone. Even big brands struggle with interaction and engagement. The infographic explores which brands have the highest engagement when compare to other  similar brands and should give us an idea how they maintain or even increase the social engagement in their communities.

Image: [Marketing Pilgrim]

5 Ways To Use Video In Your Online Marketing

Using Video for Marketing

Video is increasingly becoming one of the most powerful tools in an online marketers arsenal; in my experience alone at Ideasbynet the impact the implementation of video strategy has seen a significant effect on our business in terms of conversions, brand awareness, visit duration to our site and incoming links.

Using Video for Marketing

In the US alone this coming year, it is estimated that online video viewers will reach 169.3 million, and 53.5% of the population will at some point watch video online. These numbers are substantial, so by not embracing online video as part of your marketing strategy you are missing out on a vital market.

In terms of embracing video online, you are not restricted to simply posting videos on your blog, YouTube or various other channels. The amount of free video communication tools now available online make putting a face to site easier than ever, making your customers feel a human connection to your company. 50% on the online phone service Skype’s traffic is through video calling, which is indicative of the increasing importance of face to face interaction, despite distance.

Despite the obvious benefits to embracing video in your online marketing campaign, many companies will shy away from adopting this tactic; what strategies should you employ and how on earth do you go about it?! So, I wanted to share my five top tips for using video, complete with examples, suggestions and some key things to keep in mind, Enjoy!

1. Video Blog About Issues Within Your Sector

Video blogging is increasingly becoming one of the most popular ways to connect with customers and fans. When I refer to video blogging I simply mean voicing opinions, having a weekly discussion piece, inviting customers and viewers to post comments on the video and respond to your video blog. Complete a video blogging series and you can address questions and comments at the beginning of your next vlog. It is even possible to earn money just you and a camera by video blogging about your interests, for example, on this make up blog, Sara Walker receives loads of samples through simply blogging about her favourite products. Not only this, she receives affiliate sales from products that get old through her.


2. Demonstrate Your Products And Services

Video gives you an excellent opportunity to demonstrate exactly what your company has to offer. Show your clients the products you provide, explaining their key features and demonstrating exactly how they work. For example, on our own site, we have included videos on our most popular products, ensuring the key features are prominent, i.e. the curvy pen

3. Creatively Promote Your Company

You do not simply have to have product video that only promotes your company. Creatively showcasing products will not only provide you with an interesting and unique talking point when developing customer relations, you can also increase traffic and support your link building efforts by increasing links to your site from impressed viewers of you. I absolutely love this video from Moleskin, which I think is a perfect example of a creative product video!


4. Skype Your Business Calls

If you do most of your business remotely, it is not always possible for your customers to put a face to your name. So, incorporating frequent Skype video calls into your business plan will make your customers feel a personal connection to your business. You can also demonstrate products, answer any questions and even calls phones across the world for cheap rates to connect with your international clients.

5. Use Google+ Hangouts

Meeting with groups of clients can be tricky, demonstrating confusing products in video format without any feedback can sometimes be a hassle and showing presentations or videos whilst engaging in a video chat seem nigh on impossible! Enter Google+ hangouts, the feature that has been hailed as the key reason to jump on Google+ as quickly as possible. This video feature allows you to engage in chats with up to nine people, share documents through Google Docs, watch videos together, share your screen with people you are chatting with, enabling you to show presentations and websites easily and quickly. Unlike Skype’s group calling feature which only comes in the premium package, Google+ hangouts are completely free with a Google+ account and enable you to connect with any of your contacts at any time.

I love the Google+ hangouts features, it really makes working remotely much more achievable and personal. Companies are increasingly using this feature creatively to great success, and this will only grow as more people get on board with this service.

Key Points To Remember When Using Video Online

There are a few key things to remember when embarking on your online video marketing campaign:

  • Sounds and songs you use on your videos must be usable and not in breach of copyright. There are numerous sites out there on which you can buy or get songs and sound effects for free, however, the one that we use to great effect is freesound
  • Include a transcript of any speech in your videos. Google will not pick up on what is being said in videos without this, so in order to ensure your videos will help your on page relevancy, including this transcript is very important, not only for this reason but for any users that do not have sound on their machine or cannot hear the speech will still be able to engage with it.
  • Don’t expect your first videos to be perfect! Especially if you are keeping costs down by editing and shooting the videos yourself, it takes a little while to get into the swing of it, so do not be disheartened if your first attempt does not reach your exacting standards, this will comes with practice and time.
  • Embed videos on your site. You want any links to come directly to you, so especially for your creative videos where link opportunities will hopefully be rife, you want all this goodness to come direct to your site, not YouTube!

So what are you waiting for?! Start embracing video today and reap the rewards of this excellent online marketing strategy!

Lianne Froggatt is Digital Communications Manager for Ideasbynet, an online promotional products distributor. Interested everything marketing both online and off, you can find her blogging on the IdeasByNet marketing blog. She would love any feedback or comments you might have so find her at [email protected] or follow her on Twitter @LianneCai.