Creative Corner: SANGLApis and ECOKwento

There are times when you have ideas and you don’t know where to put them so this is why Creative Corner was created because I believe that “If you can’t find it, create it”.

The following ideas may be well suited for local advertising in the Philippines because some words are in Tagalog.

So, without further ado, below are just some ideas where I try to play with words.

1. SANGLApis

A campaign which pawnshops could allows its customers to help kids get pen for every transaction with them. It’s mixing advocacy with marketing. You let your customers help you help kids to get pen (and maybe if you’re a little too generous, donate paper and bags too). You empower your consumers to help and inspire them to help with you with every sangla.

Tag line: Kada sangla = isang lapis = SANGLApis

2. ECOKwento

Everyone has an eco-friendly story. An eco-friendly community where enthusiasts, thought movers and anyone passionate with environment issues could meet together, share stories and constantly inspire each other.

Tag line: “Meron akong ECO-kwento” (I have an eco story)

Those are just some of my ideas for now. I swear I have another one but I forgot it the moment I started typing the other two. Guess we’ll have it on the next edition of Creative Corner so stay tuned!

Image: [Digitigm]


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