Does Anyone Even Use a Paper Resume Anymore?

Paper résumés have been the de facto mode of communicating one’s talents to an employer for the better part of the century. However, they, like many paper-media, are quickly fading away in lieu of the monstrous transformative power of the Internet. Whereas there may be a soft spot for the nostalgia of sending a letter to a loved one over email, there are few advantages – nostalgic or otherwise – for employers where paper résumés are concerned. As such, many employers encourage (and some require) résumés to be submitted electronically.

How to increase chance of being hired

What do this mean for future employees? More to the point, what does it mean for their employability? As technology becomes more sophisticated and demanding in the workforce, so are the expectations of employers. Paper résumés are out the door and digital résumés are in.

Résumés that are posted on career employment websites register a web presence, which means they are likely to pop up in search engines. The same SEO principles that determine the ranking of search results in Google are the same ones that can help your name pop up in a recruitment search. To that end, the ostensible demise of the paper résumé can be considered a good thing for Gen Y-ers, who may benefit from a boost in employability by demonstrating that they know about this method of exposure, and simply by dint of showing up in search results.

Word clouds are also helpful to both employers and prospective employees. They help identify the most salient keywords associated with both the job description and the applicant in order to find the best match faster. One hiring manager is quoted as saying, “The words that jump out at me are “system,” “installation,” “experience,” “administration,” etc., because they all had close ties to the job description.

Word clouds help companies locate qualified employees without employers having to sort through tons of applications. Job seekers are encouraged to use a word cloud to create and post their résumé so their application has a better chance of being picked by prospective employers.

Employers can spend less time scanning through applications and reading résumés. Employers actually spend less than 30 seconds viewing a single résumé. Resumagic identifies the following three skills or areas employers scan on résumés. These are, therefore, the ones you should pay special attention to creatively and strategically placing keywords:

· Content: Employers are looking for quality and high performance. This area is where candidates list their specifications such as accounting, typing or specialized training. This section quickly let employers what skills the applicant possesses. Identify the most sought-after traits that you honestly have and make sure they are mentioned in this section of your résumé .doc file.

· Function: Job performance is vital to employers, as it helps them gain a better prospective into the work ethics of the applicant. This section lists the characteristics of the applicant such as their working attitudes about teamwork, individual work and how they handle certain aspects of a job. This section is nice because you can provide a straight list of the fitting characteristics.

· Self or Time Management: The ability to prioritize and distribute time is important in the development of organization and time management skills. This section also shows the employer how the applicant adapts to diverse situations has they arise. This includes examples of work and recommendations.

Businesses are converting to a “paperless” environment as technology continues to evolve. Over the past five years we’ve seen a seismic shift in the populous of job seekers and the application/interview process itself. Expect to see more Skype interviews as the decade wears on. Don’t be surprised if you sign the agreement to your next job electronically. The ongoing economic turmoil expressed throughout the globe has thrust jobs to the forefront of our culture. It’s an unfortunate catalyst for change, but a necessary one as our ecosystem of job-seekers and employees continue to find the best ways to land what they are looking for.

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    The information you shared in the post related to the resume is very nice and useful to all those who are gathering knowledge regarding the resume. I am glad I visited here and gathered so many facts. I will definitely look forward to it.

  2. StaffChecking says

    True. Paper resumes are no longer widely used. However, using the traditional method of job application: going to the company and personally delivering your resume creates a good impact towards employers. They can see and feel how dedicated you are as an employee. Some may call it not posh, but being unique is great.


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