Social Media Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing: How are They Different?

Using social media as one of your marketing strategies is no longer a question. It’s a question of how. The following infographic from Kuhcoon showcases the differences between traditional and social media marketing. The following lists 10 powerful print-web design marketing combinations you can use to grow your business.

Have you just recently included social media in one of your marketing strategies? How has it affect your sales?


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  2. says

    Hi, This post is of great help for everyone. Social media is a two-way marketing platform. In traditional media, it’s impossible for customers to voice their opinion and connect with a company in real time, whereby with social media, you are able to have a dialogue with potential customers. Thanks


  1. [...] En la actualidad usamos las herramientas de Social Media para aumentar la presencia de las marcas y empresas, darles ese perfil humano, del que el marketing tradicional prescindía salvo honrosas excepciones, y aumentar el impacto y el recuerdo de los posibles consumidores. Una empresa que desee seguir teniendo una comunicación que llegue a cumplir objetivos no se pregunta si debe usar canales Social Media sino cuáles y de qué manera. Una estrategia… ¡vaya!, igual que en el marketing tradicional.   La siguiente infografía de Kuhcoon nos perfila las diferencias entre el marketing 2.0 y el tradicional. A partir de aquí definamos estrategias.  [...]

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