3 Reasons Why You Should Include Networking to your Strategy

Include Networking to Your Marketing Strategy

Networking Events Strategy

First, don’t confuse this post for another article on network marketing and some of the boring presentations on how it could turn you into a millionaire in a heartbeat. The post is about my thoughts on how networking and local events could help strengthen your brand and reach out to your targets in a much more casual and effective manner. Don’t get me wrong, networking events should be a great way to socialize with those of similar interests but hey, you’re going to these events and activities to get something out of it, right?

Below are just some of the many reasons why I think networking must be something you should add on your strategy.

1. Man is by nature a social animal

Yada yada. You’ve heard that quote from Aristotle several times in your life but it’s true. Unless you’re living in a cave, everybody wants to be connected and socialise with other people. Since we’re all natural social animals, it means we open ourselves into the idea of mingling with other people with similar interests and that we’re open to hear as to what they’ve got to say. With that in mind, you should be prepared to add value to the conversation taking place and if the opportunity presents itself [read: don't turn the networking event into an instant place for your sales pitch though], share about what your company does to those who might find value in what you do.

2. Networking helps make lasting friendships

It’s amazing how a simple event arranged by We Are Social Singapore called SataySocial┬áhas become a way for me to meet with fellow social media enthusiasts, practitioners and experts in the digital marketing here in Singapore. At first I was a bit hesitant into attending thinking it will be just another lousy event but it turned out I’ve met with some really helpful digital marketing folks who made my move from the Philippines to Singapore even more fun. Some of those I’ve met during the event became my friends. Never underestimate the power of old school networking.

3. Networking is not boring

Sure there may be some boring networking events that you’ve attended in the past but generally, networking is a light and casual way to meet new people similar to your industry and it’s a good opportunity to find potential clients, make friends and building lasting connections in a fun way.

Have you thought about adding the usual ‘networking’ as one of your strategies to position yourself as one of the go-to person for your industry? Have you thought of it as one powerful tool not only to find people of similar interest but also to build lasting relationships?


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