How Brands Respond to Complaints via Social Media?

Best Responses to Social Complaints on Facebook

How Brands Respond to Complaints on Facebook

Facebook and other social networking sites have become a platform for consumers to reach out to brands that they like, and don’t like. Brands no longer have sole control as to how the conversation goes. The consumers now have the higher power on how brands are perceived online through forums, blogs and social networking sites.

Best Responses to Social Complaints on Facebook

Below are some examples of how brands respond to concerns raised by their customers through social networking platforms.

1. Singtel 

How to Respond to Complaints on Facebook

Singtel Response:

“We hear you. We would like to assure you that SingTel is committed to providing high-quality and consistent 3G and 4G mobile coverage to its customers. There are various factors that affect coverage, and these are due to the inherent nature of mobile technologies. These issues are not unique to the SingTel network and could affect customers of any operator. For example, users may sometimes experience weak reception in locations, such as basement car parks and lifts, where signals are blocked by walls and structures. SingTel has an ongoing programme to enhance and expand our mobile network. In the last 3 years, we have invested more than S$2 billion across our networks, including mobile. We are adding more base station sites islandwide and upgrading existing ones to handle more traffic.”

2. IKEA Malaysia

IKEA Malaysia Response to Facebook Rant

IKEA Malaysia Response: 

Dear Miriam,

We apologise that we haven’t gotten back to you right away and we thank you for your feedback to us.
We sincerely apologise for the experience that you and your friends had. It’s not the kind of shopping experience we would like our customers to have and we want to investigate further on this issue.

Could you kindly provide us with your contact details via Private Message so we could get in touch with you on this?

3. Bodyform

Best Response to Social Rant Bodyform

Bodyform Response:

Bonus: Was browsing through my NewsFeed and here’s a gem that I’ve found!

Social Media Social Good

Thank You Project

How to Say Thank You in Mandarin and Other Language

If You Speak a Language Other Than English, Please Comment with ‘Thank You’ Using Your Language Below

“Thank you” is a powerful yet often neglected and not frequently used phrase in today’s fast-faced world. We tend to forget how such simple phrase could help other people feel appreciated or feel better.

When I moved to Singapore, I tried so hard to learn various languages (since I am situated in the country of melting pot of cultures). I tried to learn Malay, Tamil, Mandarin and Bahasa (Indonesia) and excited to learn many others. I have learned the importance of learning a word or two about other languages.

One night while having my late dinner at a restaurant, I’ve noticed that the lady who serves the food was quite in a bad mood. She was cleaning the table next to me and immediately moved to my direction to clean it as well. She was swift in collecting the used plates. Briefly glancing to me, she spoke to me in Mandarin. I was guessing she’s asking if I’m done, I told her in English that I was.

Then, told her Xiexie (Mandarin for ‘Thank You’).

How to Say Thank You in Mandarin and Other Language

Such a simple word. Yet, I noticed how mood her has changed. She immediately smiled to me and continued collecting the plates in a much more calm manner.

There are several other experiences where I’ve seen people’s mood change just because I speak their language. I may not be an expert in many languages but I think what’s important is to utter a simple gesture of gratitude and appreciation in other people’s own language.

If you happen to speak languages other than English, please help me out on my “Thank You” Project.

Please comment with “Thank you” using your own language in the comments section below. That way, when I speak to someone with other language, I could show them my appreciation – in their own language.

Thank you in advance!

Things To Remember Before Creating an Ad [INFOGRAPHIC]

Advertising Elements

Before creating any form of advertisement, you need to remember some essential details in order to make it an effective one. In an infographic by Yume, it shows some of the most details one must remember before creating an ad.

Key takeways:

- It’s not the size, it’s how you make use of the space
- Television (still) is the platform where people consumer media the most

Advertising Elements

Does Social Media Matter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media in Corporate Asia

Social Media: Important Element in the Business? A Survey of Companies in Asia

Ogilvy Asia together with research firm IPSOS study surveyed 153 senior executives from 14 countries across the Asia Pacific region to understand whether the companies in Asia consider social media as essential part of their marketing plan.

Key takeaways:

- 43% of senior executives in Hongkong believe that social media is extremely important
- 60% of companies spend less than 5% of their marketing or communication budgets on social media
- Out of the 153 senior executives suryeved, only half of them have a crisis plan for social media

Social Media in Corporate Asia


First World Problems Aren’t Problems [VIDEO]

Gift of Water First World Problems

Your First World Problems Aren’t Real Problems

WaterIsLife, the organization behind a portable filtration device designed to instantly provide clean drinking water from any source, together with DDB NY, produced the First World Problems Anthem which aims to make people realize that the so-called “first world problems” aren’t real problems.

First World Problems Gift of Water

Living in a country where people complain about the smallest things like long queue at the fast food (not even considering that many people don’t even have food on their tables), how difficult it is to go to work when it’s raining (when others don’t even have jobs or clean water), their iPhone battery goes on low battery pretty easily and so many other petty things.

Gift of Water First World Problems

Watch the video below and you will understand that you’re so blessed with so many things. That you need to start focusing on the things you have than the things you lack (because there are many people out there who don’t even have the things you have).