First World Problems Aren’t Problems [VIDEO]

Your First World Problems Aren’t Real Problems

WaterIsLife, the organization behind a portable filtration device designed to instantly provide clean drinking water from any source, together with DDB NY, produced the First World Problems Anthem which aims to make people realize that the so-called “first world problems” aren’t real problems.

First World Problems Gift of Water

Living in a country where people complain about the smallest things like long queue at the fast food (not even considering that many people don’t even have food on their tables), how difficult it is to go to work when it’s raining (when others don’t even have jobs or clean water), their iPhone battery goes on low battery pretty easily and so many other petty things.

Gift of Water First World Problems

Watch the video below and you will understand that you’re so blessed with so many things. That you need to start focusing on the things you have than the things you lack (because there are many people out there who don’t even have the things you have).




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