Content Marketing vs Traditional Advertising [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why Content Market Beats Out Traditional Advertising

For someone who has both background in inbound and outbound marketing, ideally it’s much more convenient for both marketers and consumers to have the inbound marketing strategies implemented as it’s cheaper, less intrusive and in most cases, more relevant.

Marketo has released an infographic that compares content marketing to that of traditional advertising.

To implement a Social Media strategy, the types of tactics being used by businesses include:

Social Media (79%)
Article Posting (78%)
In-person Events (62%)
eNewsletters (61%)
Case Studies (55%)
Blogs (51%)
White Papers (43%)
Webinars/Webcasts (42%)
(see the rest below – click to enlarge)

Advertising Benefits and Content Marketing


  1. NLCuk says

    This is useful infographic; thanks for sharing it with us.
    Do you know when the research was conducted, and what geographical area was covered?


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