Better Storytelling with Facebook Moments

Storytelling with Facebook Moments

Facebook is all about making the world more connected and making those connections more memorable, one photo and event at a time.

“Life is not filled with events but with moments”

One feature that best highlights the ability to capture and showcase stories is the “Friendship” (I prefer to call it “Moments”) section which tells details about you and your Facebook connection like when you’ve became connected on Facebook, events you’ve attended together and photos where you’re both tagged.

Facebook Feature Moments Storytelling

 (With Timothy Tiah, Founder of Nuffnang and Mary Jane Tauyan of Fashion Travels)

To check your moments together with your connection, simply go to that person’s profile then add ?and=yourusername (e.g.

I see this looks beautifully for married couples with bunch of photos together :) Enjoy!


  1. deedubbleukay says

    Great post, Jonha! Social media is a great medium to help us become better storytellers. Facebook moments is a great addition to that capability. I’m looking forward to seeing how the facebook community uses this new tool to its full potential.


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