The Infographic Will Show You How Tablets Are Powerful Awareness Machines

Study: Tablet Users Are More Attentive and Tablet Ads Generate Better Recall

Tablet – where motion and emotion meet

Effective Advertising on Tablets

A study of about 8,300 people suggests that viewers recall ads better when they watch them on tablets than when they watch them on smartphones, TVs, computers and other media. In a research conducted by  IPG Media Lab and YuMe, they’ve looked into consumer interaction with videos and video ads on tablets and found out that tablets might be the ideal video viewing device for ads.

It is mainly because consumers often use their tablets at home while relaxing on the couch or in bed, they often multitask less on them — which in turn leads to higher ad recall. The majority of tablet video viewers spend more than an hour a weekday watching video.

As detailed in the infographic below, the results show that “Tablets are Awareness Machines”. They have the most attentive audience, the least distracted audience, and the un-aided recall is highest from ads shown on tablets.

Better Ad Recall on Tablet Study

Unaided brand recall for tablet video viewers clocked in at 57%. That compares to 49% of smartphone viewers who could recall brand names without prompting, 47% of computer users, and 45% of TV viewers, according to the online survey. The ad recall figures are particularly useful for brands, given that most tablet video viewers skew toward watching TV shows on their tablets, and that type of programming is most likely to include ads. In fact, 81% of tablet video viewers sometimes or always watch TV shows on their tablets.

Here’s the key takeaway, though: When repurposing TV spots for online video, brands would benefit from mixing up the creative a bit, and weaving in some interactivity, the research found. The addition of interactive elements in video ads drove a lift in several brand metrics, including brand awareness, brand favorability and purchase intent.

Key takeways

- Tablet users watch videos when they’re relaxing thus lesser distraction and longer time. Hence, better ad recall.
- 65% spend over an hour per day watching videos
- Consumers multitask less when using tablets when compared to others devices
- Tablets are usually used for “me-time”
- After eating, smartphone is the #2 distraction to a tablet user


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