Facebook Pages Are Managed By Men Over 30 Years Old [INFOGRAPHIC]

Getting to Know the Community Managers: Age and Gender

Have you ever wondered if Facebook Page Admins or Community Managers are usually men or women? Who manages more Pages and who can handle more fans? Are page
admins usually older or younger than 30 years old?

All of these questions were answered in a recent study by Socialbakers  where they’ve looked at around 100,000 Facebook page admins to determine which gender some of the basic demographics covering the admin landscape. Contrary to the belief that most social media managers are hipsters.

The following infographic breaks the stereotype that Facebook pages are managed by young hipsters. On the contrary,  majority of Page admins are men older than 30 years old. When it comes to the average number of Pages they manage, men dominate, but when it
comes to the average number of fans, women take the lead!

Key takeaways:

- Facebook admins tend to be older than 30 years old
- There are more men than women whose older than 30 that manage Facebook pages
- However, women handle pages with more fans than men

Who Are Community Managers of Facebook Pages

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