10 Safest Asian Countries to Travel Alone [INFOGRAPHIC]

10 Asian Countries That Are Safe for Women to Travel Alone

The following infographic from RetireinAsia shows the top 10 countries in that Asia that are *relatively* safe for women to wander and travel alone.

While I haven’t been to most of these countries, I could definitely atest that Singapore is definitely one of those very few places where you can stay up late (even walk down the street at 3am) and not worry! The thing about infographics though is that they aren’t always accurate, thanks to Sourav Roy for highligting the following:

Kazakhstan, Mongolia are way up in Central Asia and not in Asia Pacific zone. South Korea and Japan are North Asian countries, not Asia Pacific again. The list does not reflect true stats for Asia Pacific. Though Singapore is the safest place is Asia. Also New Zealand’s RPCP1000KPopulation is empirically incorrect since it is 4 times more than that of Singapore yet is placed at global rank 18th while Singapore is placed at 80th.

Places for Women to Travel Alone in Asia Pacific

Infographic via RetireinAsia



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