Starbucks in Asia Pacific Drives 7x More Engagement Than its Global Page

Asia Pacific is definitely becoming increasingly one of the most important social media hubs in the world––in fact, 27% of the global Facebook population comes from the region!

Marketing in Asia Pacific Starbucks Case Study

In a recent case study by Socialbakers, they’ve analyzed national Facebook fan pages of Starbucks in 11 countries such as Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malayasia, India, Australia and Vietnam to identify which has the most number of fans, most engaging content and understand some of the best practices and strategies in the Asia Pacific region.

Interesting findings from the study  reveals that Facebook fan pages of Starbucks in APAC region drive 7 x more engagement than its global page.

Marketing in Asia Pacific Starbucks Fans Below are some other key insights about Starbucks presence in the region:

Philippines has most number of fans in the in the APAC region
with 1 540 058 (as of October 2013)
Malaysia has the most engaging content
Vietnam has greatest fan relative growth of 9.5% (Sep 2013 – Oct 2013)
Japan creates the most engaging content with outstanding ER= 1.34 %
Australia uses Facebook as customer channel with the highest response rate of 86.67%
Singapore is the most social devoted with 83.33% response rate

Does your company have a presence in Asia? Even on social media? Share with us in the comments how you optimize your strategy specifically for this region.

Image: Business Insider; Date: Socialbakers


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