6 Charts That Will Explain Why Facebook Bought WhatsApp for 19 Billion

6 Main Reasons Why Facebook Is Buying WhatsApp Messenger for 19 Billion

Facebook stunned the world when it broke the news of acquiring the social messaging app, WhatsApp for $19 billion in cash and stocks.

Below are 6 charts that will justify as to why it makes sense and giving us a clue as to where Facebook’s next billion users will come from.

1. Over 450 Million Active Monthly Users, 1 Million Daily Sign Ups, 100 Million Video Messages Are Being Sent Per Day

WhatsApp Valuation 2014

2. WhatsApp Is  The Main Key Player in Top Social Messaging Apps Globally (Source: WSJ)Top Key Players in Social Messaging

3. Map of Downloads In All Main Countries: WhatsApp is Facebook’s Main Competitor (Source: Distimo)
WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger Per Country

4. WhatsApp Is Growing Faster than Facebook Did When Facebook Was the Same Age WhatsApp User Growth 4 Years

5. User Count Doubled in Less Than One Year (Source: Statistica)

WhatsApp Daily Messages and User

6. WhatsApp Has the Most Number of Active Users Globally (Source: QZ)

Leading Social Messaging Apps

Do you think $42 per user was a good deal for Facebook? Share with us in the comments below!

(Header Image via TechCrunch Japan)

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