Mean Stinks: Secret’s Photo-Sharing Mobile Campaign Against Bullying

Mean Stinks Secret Anti Bullying Campaign

Secret Campaign Against Bullying: Mean Stinks

I have a confession. I was a victim of bullying when I was in grade school. There were times when I would think about not going to school because I knew that the moment I would step into our classroom, I would be made fun of. It was one of the darkest moments of my life.

Secret Campaign Against Bullying

However, one day I realized that I had the power to stop it.

Someone had to stand up against them, or they’ll keep bullying other kids. It wasn’t easy but with the thought in mind that all of God’s children are equal, I decided to first defeat the beast in me. I forgave those kids and made them feel that despite what they did, I still love them.

Then came high school, that’s when I truly stopped the bullying. I stood up and tried to become good in school so that all those who belittled me will eventually look up to me.

Somehow I think it worked. My teachers started to notice the areas where I excel in and gradually I became more active in my school activities. I realized that the only way to stand up and fight the bullies is to make them feel that they don’t have power over you. The more they see you cry, the more they give you reasons to.

That’s why I’m so happy to see an initiative from Secret called “Mean Stinks”. It contains tips and inspiration for girls to #gangupforgood and fight teenage bullying.

Secretly has also recently launched a new mobile campaign using Snap’s mobile app that encourages teenagers to customize photos and spread an anti-bullying message to their friends and family.

Secret is partnering with Condé Nast’s Teen Vogue on the initiative. According to Vivian Rosenthal, CEO/founder of Snaps, “Secret and Teen Vogue’s demographic largely consists of teens, an age group that has a strong presence with mobile engagement on all major social platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.”

The campaign, which is part of the wider “Mean Stinks”, requires teenagers to download the Snaps App, where they are prompted with a call to action promoting the campaign.

Pictures are then shared on the Snaps app under the brand’s page and can also be sent to friends and family via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and email.

What’s Your Ideal Man? Guide in Creating Your Customer Personas

Creating Buyers Personas

How Identifying and Understanding Your Buyer Personas Help You Target Better

There are only 3 constant things in life – debts, taxes and getting asked with the question “What is your ideal guy?” (Of course my mum has a slightly different version – “When are you having a boyfriend?”)

Depending on the setting, I would normally respond to this in two ways – give the person who asked the question an overview of my values and how the “ideal” guy matches those and next would be rather generalistic description of the values of man that I admire and hope to spend the rest of my life eternity with.

Creating Buyers Personas

Growing up I’ve learned that in order for the world to conspire and bring you what or who you want, it’s very important to actually have a clear picture of what you want in the first place. The world will have a hard time to give you what you want when you don’t have a clue what it is exactly.

The same is true in marketing. In order for a brand to successfully market to its target, it requires developing their brand’s persona, highlighting their values and be able to identify specific behaviors and patterns of the target in order to have a better understanding of what matters to them. That way, you’ll be able to create experiences and compelling content that’s most relevant to your target.

What is Marketing or Buyer Personas? (Source: Heidi Cohen)

Marketing personas are imaginary versions of your prospects, customers and the public that contain in-depth, lifelike character traits, including fun names, to help develop content and marketing. Personas guide a firm’s marketing and content decisions. It’s useful to develop at least three different personas with unique traits.

Steps in Creating Buyer Personas

The process in creating your buyer personas require the following: data gathering in the form of buyer interviews (e.g. surveys, questionnaires), insights analysis, personas scenarios and models and mapping the buyer goals, processes and align user experience.

Steps in Developing Buyer Personas4-Step Process in Buyer Personas Creation (Source: Sales Benchmark Index

Types of Buyers And How to Market to ThemIllustration of Different Buyer Personas (Source: Wood St)

Guide in Creating Buyer Personas

Key Elements of Customer Personas and Guiding Questions

They key questions and elements to ensure that your customer or buyer personas will help guide you target them better is to get answer to identity the following:

1. Demographic
2. Job
3. Typical day like
4. Paint points (this is where you will then provide value)
5. Priorities and goals
6. Trusted sources of information (what and who influences them)
7. Desired buying experiences and services
8. Common objections to your products or services

Having a list of customer personas will aid your company to have a better understanding of your target and be able to persuade them into buying your product. If you have no idea how to get started, consider it just like how you’re asking a girl for her ideal man. She will provide you with a complete description of the types of guys she want to date, the ones she wants to have relationship with and eventually a detailed description of the man of her dreams.

How Marketers Are Spending Their Budgets in 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marketing Budget for Companies

71% of Marketing Budget Goes to Digital Marketing

The Marketing Budgets 2013 report by Econsultancy and Responsys based on a survey of 800 marketers, the results reflect a more stable economic environment, as marketers across all industries are looking to increase their budgets to create customer-centric, relationship-led campaigns.

It shows that companies are planning to increase their marketing budget with focus in digital marketing and targeting the mobile applications as a platform.

Marketing Budget for Companies

Where Marketers Invest Their Budget

Image Credit: Flickr / Responsys

The WHY in Digital Marketing – Resources, Reports, Seminars, Events

Top Resources for Digital Strategists and Marketers in Asia

Digital and Social Marketing – Trends, Thought Leaders, Key Reports, Events and Resources

Having worked in digital marketing and social media campaigns in the Asia Pacific (strategies for Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia), I’ve started sharing some of my favourite resources, campaigns, strategies, reports, key insights, seminars and events.

I’ve been interested in myriad of things such as infographics, reports, trends, seminars, events and other resources that continually enable me to grow and become heavily invested in the industry that I work in that I felt the need to share it with other social media practitioners, digital strategists, analysts, community managers and those who are just about to jump start their career in in digital marketing.

Top Resources for Digital Strategists and Marketers in Asia

Keep an eye on this area as I will be covering more insights, stories, seminars, must-follow key thought leaders and events in the Asia Pacific (Singapore and Philippines in particular). Sure there are existing online spaces already that cover some of the most comprehensive articles and details on digital trends, digital marketing, social media strategies but most of them are just the what but this space aims to highlight the why – why attend the event, why a certain digital campaign worked, why follow the thought leaders. Always answering the question – WHY.

(Image via Shirley Mandel)

How Does Social Media Affect Purchase Decisions?

eCommerce and Social Media

Social Media and e-Commerce: Do People Turn to Social Media Before Buying?

When you’re looking to purchase a new gadget, new home, new car or even new books, where do you usually turn to for advice or reviews? Gone are the days when you turn to paper directories to search for the nearest gadget shops because almost everything is right at your fingertips these days.

A couple of times have I turned to social media for reviews and opinions when I wanted to purchase electronic products such as phones and laptops. While I used to search the web (thanks good ole Google!) and religiously read blogs for reviews, I now turn to social media and ask my connections on Facebook and Twitter for their experience about a specific product or brand. It’s what you call lazy searching or lazy assessment. Most people have just developed the habit of asking “friends” and the people that we’re connected with about their thoughts and ideas about topics, products and services because we tend to “trust” our connections judgments over ads and brand-sponsored stories.

Facebook Survey 1: Best Smartphone: Samsung or Apple?

eCommerce and Social Media

Facebook Survey 1: Which is the best phone: Samsung or iPhone – 33 comments, 33 likes [see the whole thread here]

Me asking my friends on Facebook whether I should buy a Samsung Galaxy S3 or an iPhone 5. Due to various factors (mainly peer pressure), I eventually got myself the latter. Received over 30 comments and suggestions from friends. iPhone won. 

When I was looking to purchase a phone and have two options in mind – Samsung and iPhone – I immediately turned to my connections on Facebook and received some really interesting reviews.

Franky Branc. From a Samsung lover: if screen size is not an issue, iPhone all the way. I love what Android does that iPhone doesn’t but the SGS3 is a overhyped phone. If you can, better wait for Note 2 in November, than SGS3.

Juan Sena Wide screen…keyboard spacing is wide enough to sense the tap of your fingers….

Hana Abello Personally, (and I’ve tried both), mas smooth ang iphone for me. It’s like the integration of the hardware and software is seamless. Sorry, I’m not really very techy, but that’s pretty much how it feels. Plus, the S3′s size is very near na to that of the note. If you’re not going to be putting the S3 in your pocket, better go with the note na lang. Chaka mabilis magdepreciate ang value ng Samsung. (My friend bought an S2 in Feb for 29k, months before the release of S3. Nung narelease yung S3 here in PH, she asked around kung magkano patrade in. Ang sabi sa kanya ang value na lang daw ng S2 nya ay 18k.) Just my two cents.

Fitz Gerard Villafuerte I’m going for the iPhone… I have a friend who bought an SGS2, got a free iPhone 4S, and sold his SGS2 immediately because he liked iOS better daw.

Another friend had an iPhone 4, upgraded to an SGS2, and eventually traded it for an iPhone 4S. Again, he liked iOS better daw.

Can’t give any feedback on SGS3 though… wala akong kilalang gumagamit… but I can attest, everyone I know who had an SGS2, eventually got themselves an iPhone 4S.

Jenny Sim S3 is much way better for me..i can use it for one and a half day w/o charging.. Processor of S3 is has eye detector and audio sensor, like u can answer the call by just placing it near ur ear..apps are mostly free and its user friendly too.. lighter and classy..

When I wanted to buy a laptop and had two options – Sony or Mac – I knew just where to pop the question. It has received over 50 responses and feedback from friends who have experiences in both laptops. Needless to say, Mac won. Below are some of the most interesting responses.

Facebook Survey 2: Best Laptop: Mac or Sony? 

Research Social Media Effects on eCommerce

Facebook Survey 2: Which is better laptop: Sony or Mac? 3 likes, 49 comments [see the whole thread here]

Gay Aida Dumaguing depende sa access… if we’re talking about laptop DON’T BUY SONY… I got a SONY VIAIO…. it didn’t last 1 year..HAHAHA… but looks really good.

Tim Moore No decision – MacBook Air on for $600

Gay Aida Dumaguing Jonha: if you want quality and durability… I would suggest toshiba, asus, and dell. Never tried MAC yet so no comment..hahaha…. don’t be fooled by the look of sony… I FALL IN LOVE WITH SONY because of the look, when I got it… at first few months, I got these unusual noise… then next thing.. my screen go blinking – like a xmas tree… hahaha.. and now, well my brother is trying to fix it.

Lionel Faleiro I would avoid Sony. ASUS and Dell are good. Sony always have given problems in the past. Even Acer has good Configs. Mac is good if you do a lot of multimedia work like editing / photos/ movies . If you move around a lot and need something light then get the MacBook Air

Flavian Mihai On a PC you’ll never have the same experience that you have on a Mac. So, choose a Mac

Charles Neo lol both options are kinda poor imho… Sony is overpriced and Mac’s are not my kinda thing. But if I had to choose… Mac

Gina Romero Bear in mind, if you buy a mac and you want to stay with MS office (including Outlook) you will have to buy additional software (such as Outlook for mac) at extra cost.

Ted Wahler I am not smart enough to use anything except a mac ….but, there is a new Google laptop coming soon that may be my recommendation.

Lorie Therese Locara Jonha, Naku. Heard it from my tech support friends at Team Spike na Lenovo is the only way to go pag PC. My mom got herself a Samsung rig before and it conked out within her first week. I told her to get a Lenovo, worked like a charm ever since.

But yeah I’d go for a Mac before Lenovo anyday. xD Though, it sounds to me like Lenovos are sturdier than Macs lately.

Purchase Decisions Influenced By Social Media

It looks like I’m not the only one being influenced by social media when it comes to my purchase decisions as the following infographic from Hubspot, designed by Killer Infographics, shows a great illustration of the importance of social media in ecommerce and inbound marketing and 71% of people are likely to purchase based on social media referrals and online reviews. Below are some interesting stats of how the purchasing decisions are influenced by social media.

- 70% of Americans now say they look at product reviews before making a purchase
- 79% of consumers now say they use a smartphone to help with shopping
- 83% of moms say they do online research after seeing TV commercials for products that interest the

In a study titled “Digital & Social Media in the Purchase Decision Process,” they’ve found that roughly one-third of shoppers said they were either introduced to a brand or product, or changed their opinion about a brand or product during the buying process, because of social media. What’s more, 22% of shoppers surveyed by the ARF said that social media was “important in my final purchase decision.”

71% More Likely to Purchase Based on Social Media Referrals [Infographic]

Consumers Turn to Social Media Purchase

Not only in purchasing items but social media has also influenced travel plans and below are some key figures.

- 29% of travellers have used mobile apps to find flight deals
- 92% of consumers say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends, family above all other forms of advertising
- % of Facebook users said their friends’ photos inspired their holiday choice and travel plans
- 85% of leisure travellers use their smartphone while abroad

32 Facts on How Social Media Influences Purchase Decisions

Radian6 has shared some really astounding statistics about how social media influences purchase decisions.

1. Consumers are 71% more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals (Hubspot)

2. Social networks influence nearly 50% of all IT decision makers (LinkedIn – learn more at TechConnect ’12)

3. Out of 53% of consumers who said they use Twitter to recommend companies or products in their Tweets, 48% bought that product or service (SproutSocial)

4. Twitter is the #1 online channel for influencing purchasing decisions surrounding electronics (Mashable)

5. 15,100,000 consumers go to social media channels before making purchase decisions (Knowledge Networks)

6. 49% of consumers use Facebook to search for restaurants (Mashable)

7. 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions (SproutSocial)

8. 58% of Facebook users expect offers, events or promotions when they become fans (Hubspot)

9. Facebook is the most effective platform to get consumers talking about products (SproutSocial)

10. Facebook is the #1 online channel for influencing the purchase of baby products (Mashable)

11. 79% of consumers like a Facebook company page because it offers discounts and incentives (Forbes)

12. 44% of automotive consumers conduct research on forums (Mashable)

13. 38,000,000 13 to 80 year olds in the U.S. said their purchasing decisions were influenced by social media (Knowledge Networks)

14. 81% of US respondents indicated that friends’ social media posts directly influenced their purchase decision (Forbes)

15. As of June 2011, there were 213,000,000 fans of Facebook Pages (Mashable)

16. 32.5% of women say they’re influenced by special offers on Facebook vs 29% on Twitter (Business2Community)

17. 78% of respondents said that companies’ social media posts impact their purchases (Forbes)

18. Moms are 45% more likely than other women to say they made a purchase from a recommendation on social(MarketingProfs)

19. 70% of active online adult social networkers shop online, 12% more likely than the average adult internet user(Nielsen)

20. 44% of social media savvy women said their trusted/favorite blogger influences their purchasing decision (Business2Community)

21. Nearly three-quarters of respondents consult Facebook in making those decisions,while one-half have tried new brands due to recommendations via social media (2012/7/17 Allfacebook, How Facebook Factors Into Decisions On Retail Purchases, Restaurants)

22. The fans who saw the messages visited Starbucks and purchased 38% more often than those who did not (2012/6/12 ComScore: “This is how to do social marketing)

23. Social media comments rank first among the 18-33 and 34-45 age groups (2012/6/12 Slideshare, 2012 shopper study P.11)

24. More than one third of respondents claimed that social content changed their minds about something they intended to buy.(2012/10/16 SocialTimes, How Social Content Changes the Way People Shop)

25. 76% of people rely on recommendations form friends to inform their purchases, 15% rely on advertising. Digitally Engaged: Shopper spent 27% more than those using traditional channels.  (2012/6/11, Why social media counts when it comes to FMCG [infographic])

26. 76% of consumers regularly or occasionally use online reviews to determine which local business to use. (2012/3/15 Hubspot, A Marketer’s Guide to Accumulating Awesome Online Reviews?)

27. 81% of Chinese youth check online comments before making a purchase decision. China’s netizens spend 41% of their online time on social network. (2011/12/5 We Are Social, Guide to Social, Digital, and Mobile in China, Dec 2011?)

28. Amazon Fans spent more than twice as much at Amazon as the average Internet user. Friends of Fans were also more likely to buy at Target with a lift of 27 percent compared to the control group. (2012/6/12 comScore, The Power of a Like 2 (what’s it worth)?)

29. 47% American say Facebook has a greatest impact on purchase behavior (2012/10/1 arraenetwork, 10 Wowing Social Media Statistics)

30.A whopping 93 percent of Facebook users have made or received shopping recommendations this holiday season. (2011/12/15 Allfacebook, 93% Of Facebook Users Share Shopping Suggestions This Season)

31. Consumers’ Insight: Social Media Endorsements are more effective than Paid Search Listings. (Oct 2012 Adobe, The State of Online Advertising p.12)

32. Friends referred by friends make better customers. They spend more (a 2x higher estimated lifetime value than customers from all other channels at One Kings Lane); convert better; and shop faster (2011/11/27 KPCB, Social Proof is the new marketing)

Has social media recently influenced your purchase decisions? Share with us in the comments below!