Twitter Followers Analysis [REPORT]

Most Followed Social Media Expert Philippines

Twitter Audience Analysis for Jonha Revesencio (@jonharules) 

Using Simply Measured, below is an overview of my Twitter audience and reach analysis.

- 53% of my followers are from the US, 10% are from the Philippines
- 42% of followers have Klout score of 40%
- Top 1% of my followers have been listed an average of 6,456 times

My Top 15 Most Influential Followers 

Username                                                               Topics

1. @BarackObama                  - politics, celebrities, media, government, business
2. @britneyspears                   – celebrities, music, entertainment, hollywood, never say never
3. @yokoono                              - celebrities, music, entertainment, japan, fashion
4. @iamsuperbianca             – celebrities, american idol, pinoy, philippines, entertainment
5. @TweetDeck                         – technology, social media, apps, media, business
6. @mariashriver                     – celebrities, politics, entertainment, media, social media
7. TimesFashion                       – fashion, media, style, lifestyle, business
8. @benlandis                           – game boy, masters golf tournament, kickstarter, wikipedia, television
9. @lonelyplanet                       – travel and tourism, media, australia, business
10. @charitywater                    - non-profit, charities, robinho, philanthropy, environment
11. @GuyKawasaki                  - social media, technology, marketing, entrepreneurship, business
12. @DavidKWilliams              - energy, #leadership, media, quickbooks, economics
13. @AmyJoMartin                  - social media, marketing, entrepreneurship, sports, celebrities
14. @Yahoo                                 – branding, technology, social media, media, yahoo! inc.
15. @garyvee                             – social media, marketing, entrepreneurship wine, technology

You may view the full report here.

Social Media Usage in the Middle East and North Africa in 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media in Middle East and North Africa Stats Infographic

94% of the Middle East’s Social Media Users Are on Facebook

The following infographic from ictQATAR shows social media usage stats for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn in the Middle East and North Africa region.  The Social Media in the Middle East: The Story of 2013 also highlights some interesting stats in the region.

Social Media Statistics in Middle East and North Africa Region Infographics

Below are some of the key takeaways:


- 56 million Total active users
- 28 million (web), 15 million (mobile) daily login
- Egypt has the largest number of Facebook users
- UAE has the highest penetration rate

Twitter (March 2013)

- 3,766,160 – Total active users (those who logs in at least once a month)
- 5,564,890 tweets – Estimated number of tweets per day
- Nearly 3/4 of all MENA tweets are in Arabic
- Saudi Arabic has the highest Twitter penetration of anywhere in the world


- 285 million videos viewed daily
- Second highest regional consumption in the world
- Two hours of video are uploaded every minute
- Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UEA lead the number of playbacks
- 50% of all views in the KSA are via mobile

- 5.8 million users in 2012
- 10 million in 2013

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If People Need Jobs, Why Is It So Hard to Hire? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Challenges Hiring Managers Face When Hiring

Challenges That Hiring Managers Experience

Despite the fact that there are over 13 million Americans that are unemployed, hiring managers are still having a hard time find the right candidates to fill the jobs.

If people are always looking for jobs, so why is it so hard to hire?

The following infographic from SmartRecruiters tries to answer that questions:

  • 52% of hiring managers have decided to not hire at all because they can’t find the right fit.
  • For 55% of companies, it takes over 2 months to find the right candidate.
  • 56% of people have been involved in hiring an employee at their company.
  • Difficulty and Challenges in Hiring

LBC Express, the Only Asian Brand in the Most “Socially Devoted” Global Brands for the Last Quarter of 2013

Top 10 Brands Who Champion Customer Service on Social Media

Socialbakers, the world leader in social media analytics, has just recently announced the Most Socially Devoted global rankings for the last quarter of 2013.

The quarterly study looks at how well companies are responding to inbound requests made over Facebook and Twitter and sets benchmarks against the top brands, industries, and countries around the world.

The Top 10 Most Socially Devoted Brands Globally (Source: Socialbakers)

Top 10 Most Socially Devoted Brands
The report offers the surprising finding that over half of all social customer care queries are now directed through Twitter. However, Facebook queries still maintain a higher response rate.

It only indicates that customers are growing more and more comfortable using social media channels to interact with brands.

“It’s clear that companies across the board—especially those in service-based industries—are investing more in real-time customer care,” said Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers. “Airline brands such as KLM are setting an example for other service-based industries to follow suit.”

In addition to shorter response times, brands across all industries are increasing their response rates as well, while the number of inbound requests grows.Most Socially Devoted Brands 2013Key findings from the Q4 2013 Socially Devoted report from Socialbakers include:

• 59 percent of all inbound customer requests via social channels are made via Twitter, as compared to 49 percent via Facebook.

• Brands overall are responding 12 percent faster to fan questions over Facebook and Twitter, as compared to Q3 2013.

• The Airline industry has the highest response rate on both Facebook and Twitter; Airlines respond to 76 percent of all in-bound questions on Facebook and 56 percent of those on Twitter.

• The Telecom industry receives the highest number of questions across both channels, with 426,451 questions over Facebook and 523,825 over Twitter during Q3.

LBC Express, Philippines’ and Asia’s Most Socially Devoted Brand Included in the Top 10

It’s nice to note that LBC Express, the Philippines’ leading cargo and freight forwarding company, has been consistently included in the Most Socially Devoted brands globally.

Most Socially Devoted Global Brands in Philippines

The brand does not only champion in maintaining meaningful and timely conversations with its followers (responding to at least 65% of the questions they receive), it was also one of the brands who immediately responded in helping the Typhoon Haiyan survivors by mobilizing and activating their branches to serve as drop-off centers.

These are just some of the global brands who use social media to maintain good relationship with its customers by responding to inbound requests made over Facebook and Twitter and sets benchmarks against the top brands, industries, and countries around the world.

What other brands do you think should be included in the list? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

10 Safest Asian Countries to Travel Alone [INFOGRAPHIC]

Asia Pacific Lowest Crime Rate

10 Asian Countries That Are Safe for Women to Travel Alone

The following infographic from RetireinAsia shows the top 10 countries in that Asia that are *relatively* safe for women to wander and travel alone.

While I haven’t been to most of these countries, I could definitely atest that Singapore is definitely one of those very few places where you can stay up late (even walk down the street at 3am) and not worry! The thing about infographics though is that they aren’t always accurate, thanks to Sourav Roy for highligting the following:

Kazakhstan, Mongolia are way up in Central Asia and not in Asia Pacific zone. South Korea and Japan are North Asian countries, not Asia Pacific again. The list does not reflect true stats for Asia Pacific. Though Singapore is the safest place is Asia. Also New Zealand’s RPCP1000KPopulation is empirically incorrect since it is 4 times more than that of Singapore yet is placed at global rank 18th while Singapore is placed at 80th.

Places for Women to Travel Alone in Asia Pacific

Infographic via RetireinAsia