Google Analytics Platform Principles Certificate

Certified Google Analytics Expert in Asia Singapore Philippines

Certified Google Analytics Platform Principles Professional

In the industry of marketing, it’s very important for every marketer to be data driven and make intelligent decisions from those data.

Google Analytics Platform Principles provides a self-paced learning into the details of how the platform collects, transforms and organizes the data you see in Analytics.

The understanding how these processes work is the first step to refining campaign implementation and success definition.

The course covers the following:

- The Four Components of the Analytics platform: collection, processing, configuration and reporting
- how Analytics collects the data you need across different devices
- how your data is transformed before you see it in your reports
- key concepts for customizing your Analytics data in useful ways

The course has allowed me to learn more about the platform fundamental components, data model, data collection (web and mobile), Measurement Protocol data collection, processing and configuration and reporting with dimensions and metrics and report sampling.

HootSuite Ambassador for Asia – Philippines

How to Apply to Become HootSuite Ambassador in Asia

 HootSuite Ambassador – Philippines

Hoot! Exciting news! Today I became one of the Ambassadors for HootSuite in Asia (particularly for Philippines).

I love being an ambassador for products that I really enjoy using (having been an ambassador for Yahoo! Mail and Socialbakers)

How to Apply to Become a HootSuite AmbassadorYou might be wondering what does an ambassador do and what are the benefits.

Below is an outline from Stephanie Wiriahardja (HootSuite’s Global Ambassador Lead), post on what an ambassador does and how you can apply to become one too!

What is the HootSuite Ambassador Program?

The Ambassador Program is a great way to showcase your expertise in both social media and HootSuite. It’s a volunteer role with a minimum commitment of 3 months, best suited for passionate HootSuite users interested in sharing the benefits of HootSuite’s social relationship platform and providing insightful feedback to help improve our products.

As an Ambassador, you will not only have the opportunity to connect with other like minded industry leaders, but you will also be empowered to:

  • Advocate HootSuite’s products and services
  • Share content to your existing networks
  • Provide regional insight and product feedback
  • Create a stronger regional presence for HootSuite both online and offline

What are the Perks?

How to Apply to HootSuite Ambassador ProgramPhoto Credit: HootSuite

  • Education: Access to HootSuite University and a discount towards the Newhouse Advanced Social Media Strategy Certificate.
  • Online Recognition: Gain credibility by adding the position to your work history and by being featured on HootSuite’s social media channels.
  • Exclusivity: Receive special HootSuite swag and have the chance to impact new product developments by sharing your feedback.

Click here to APPLY to become a HootSuite Ambassador for your country.

Looking forward to connecting with other HootSuite Ambassadors!


Empowering Future Leaders with Workshop on How to Use Social Media to Empower Communities

Emerging Youth Leaders in Baguio Social Media Workshop

71 Emerging Youth Leaders Attended the Youth Empowerment for Stronger Communities (YES-C) Program in Baguio Philippines

Emerging Youth Leaders in Baguio Social Media Workshop

71 emerging youth leaders were gathered in Baguio City to learn about how to use social media to empower communities through a 2-day workshop held at at Consuelo Center for Leadership and Social Innovation, CFSPI Baguio City. (More photo here)

The workshop was part of the Youth Empowerment for Stronger Communities (YES-C) Program organized by the Child and Family Service Philippines, Inc (CFSPI) in partnership with the Embassy of the United States of America – Manila.

Social Media to Empower Communities Workshop in Philippines

The participants were high school students and out-of-school youths of different religion and ethnicity who were gathered together to create a lasting network linking youth leaders with community leaders in Baguio to develop these youth leaders into responsible and productive citizens of their city. (See my previous post on a similar project where I was privileged to be part of the Generation Change Project held in Davao City, Philippines)

Each participant was given access to a tablet to document examples of constructive community leadership and to help support the social media training. They were also taught on how to get started blogging.

Together with Jay de Jesus (the lead facilitator and social media guru) and Luke Meinzen, we’ve discussed about the importance of being response when using online tools such as blogging and social media platforms and how they could best use these platform in expressing themselves and empowering their community. 

Youths Interviewing the US Ambassador to the Philippines – Philip Goldberg

To get started, each group was given an opportunity to meet with the US Ambassador to the Philippine, Philip Goldberg and ask him questions. The participants then shared their thoughts about the interview through their newly created blogs.

US Ambassador Visits Baguio Talks with Youth

In the course of the program, the participants will then submit proposals for community outreach projects. The teams with the best proposal will get a mini-grant which will be awarded at the Youth Summit in Manila at the end of the program.

These types of programs definitely help train, inspire and motivate the youth to think of ways on how they could create change in their society and how they can be catalysts of such change.

(Special thanks to Jay de Jesus for the opportunity,  Eren Joy “Ej” Bautista and all the facilitators and mentors for making the workshop such a success and breeze!)

Facebook Year in Review: 8 Things I’m Grateful for in 2013

Social Media Speaker in Asia Thank You 2013 Facebook Year in Review

8 Highlights of my 2013 by Facebook Year in Review

Scientific research reveals that grateful people are happier and healthier.  So I would love to express my gratitude for the many opportunities and blessings I’ve had this year of 2013.

Social Media Speaker Facebook 2013

Thank you so much to the people who have been part of my 2013. Thanks for the new and old friends who made my year brighter and so much happier.  Onward to 2014!

Some of the many things and moments I’m so grateful for in the year 2013 were capture by my Facebook Year in Review.  Below are just some of the highlights of my 2013 in chronological order.

- Listed in the Top 500 Community Managers to Follow on Twitter – Globally
- Spoke at the Social Media Influencers Summit in Cebu City Philippines (see full list of my speaking engagements here
- Became a Socialbakers Ambassador - Philippines
- Spoke at Entrepreneur ‘X’ Factor, Ateneo Graduate School of Business – Master of Entrepreneurship
- Became the first Asian RebelMouse Wizard
- Got my Google Digital Analytics Fundamentals
- Became a Contributing Writer to The Huffington Post

..and turned myself into a Christmas Tree!

Thank YOU ALL so much for being part of it!


Mean Stinks: Secret’s Photo-Sharing Mobile Campaign Against Bullying

Mean Stinks Secret Anti Bullying Campaign

Secret Campaign Against Bullying: Mean Stinks

I have a confession. I was a victim of bullying when I was in grade school. There were times when I would think about not going to school because I knew that the moment I would step into our classroom, I would be made fun of. It was one of the darkest moments of my life.

Secret Campaign Against Bullying

However, one day I realized that I had the power to stop it.

Someone had to stand up against them, or they’ll keep bullying other kids. It wasn’t easy but with the thought in mind that all of God’s children are equal, I decided to first defeat the beast in me. I forgave those kids and made them feel that despite what they did, I still love them.

Then came high school, that’s when I truly stopped the bullying. I stood up and tried to become good in school so that all those who belittled me will eventually look up to me.

Somehow I think it worked. My teachers started to notice the areas where I excel in and gradually I became more active in my school activities. I realized that the only way to stand up and fight the bullies is to make them feel that they don’t have power over you. The more they see you cry, the more they give you reasons to.

That’s why I’m so happy to see an initiative from Secret called “Mean Stinks”. It contains tips and inspiration for girls to #gangupforgood and fight teenage bullying.

Secretly has also recently launched a new mobile campaign using Snap’s mobile app that encourages teenagers to customize photos and spread an anti-bullying message to their friends and family.

Secret is partnering with Condé Nast’s Teen Vogue on the initiative. According to Vivian Rosenthal, CEO/founder of Snaps, “Secret and Teen Vogue’s demographic largely consists of teens, an age group that has a strong presence with mobile engagement on all major social platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.”

The campaign, which is part of the wider “Mean Stinks”, requires teenagers to download the Snaps App, where they are prompted with a call to action promoting the campaign.

Pictures are then shared on the Snaps app under the brand’s page and can also be sent to friends and family via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and email.