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Yeah, that inevitable “Call Me Maybe” card

Feel free to contact me if you like to collaborate, hire me, speak with me about an upcoming event and want me to become one of your speakers  or simply to provide feedback.

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If you would like to advertise with us, feel free to email me at: jonharules [at] gmail [dot] com or tweet me


If you have any suggestions or wish to collaborate with us, feel free to leave your comments or contact the email above.

Hire Me 

I have over 6 years of Social Media and Community Management Experience handling various brands in the Philippines, UK, US and Asia Pacific (Singapore, Malaysia). You may view my online resume here or the LinkedIn version.


You may also invite me to speak on your workshops and conferences. Topics that I could talk about are the following:

- Branding / Advertising

Social Media for Business

Community Management

-Personal Finance

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I’m almost everywhere online and this link should take you there! Or if you prefer:

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