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  • Jonha’s singular focus and unbridled enthusiasm in her work have served her well in social media.
    Timothy James Dimacali, GMA News Online

    Timothy James Dimacali
  • Her ideas and insights on social media were simply top notch. Her insights could easily translate into definitive results for the company.
    Wenelyn Mucho

    Wenelyn Mucho
  • She’s always focused in every assigned task, has the talent to innovate, and stir the social media world with her noteworthy ideas.
    Matt Galuego, Callbox

    Matt Galuego
  • … I was immediately blown away by her innate ability to connect with people online and in on-site events, as a powerful resource in all things social media and community management.
    Limari Colon, RebelMouse

    Limari Colon
  • Jonha Revesencio: She has tons of passion and energy and will do whatever it takes to get successful results.
    Jeremy Campbell, Social Collaborative Media LLC

    Jeremy Campbell
  • She took complete ownership, driving the company forward and not only meeting her goals, but coming up with new and innovative ways to improve on the social media strategy.
    Tom Kranz, The Game Guide HQ

    Tom Kranz
  • Jonha is the absolute expert in social media. She came up with creative ways to help us build our social audience, and implemented flawlessly.
    Blanca Valbuena, FriendsEAT

    Blanca Valbuena

People don’t care about your brand, unless they know your brand cares.

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