6 Interesting Tech & Social Media Updates You Might Have Missed


Everyday we try to keep up with the changes that happen so fast. Every refresh on my email browser and blink of an eye, another exciting discovery and tech update appears.

Therefore, I thought of compiling some of the most interesting and exciting social media and tech updates this week in a single post.

1. Khan Academy Snags $5 Million To Blow Up Education

Khan Academy, a site that hosts thousands of practical lectures in the form of videos and practice problems, has raised $5 million for funding. It is good to see that a great yet not-for-profit initiative from Salman Khan is now getting some considerable funding to help them expand such a brilliant project. It’s comforting to know that investors money are put into some actually great project and not just some overvalued deals site is getting all the attention.

2. Triberr v2 is here! What Lies Beneath?

Triberr, the content syndication tool that aggregates the RSS feeds from all members of a “tribe” and then allows you to manually post them into your Twitter stream, has undergone a major revamp and it’s looking good with the Triberr V2.

Dan Cristo has outlined some of the most exciting changes such as Shaman Diaries, Author Bios, Dynamic Tribes, Hashtag Support and many others.

Another development is the availability of the Multi-Platform sharing, which allows you to share your tribe mate’s post through various other platforms such as Facebook, StumbleUpon, Google + as you manually approve the tweets that you would like to share.

3. Buffer for Facebook

Buffer, the smarter way to Tweet is now available for Facebook too! You can now post the same update to both Facebook and Twitter or have them posted to either network only.

4. Facebook Now Treats 3rd Party Publishing Apps Equally

Good news for Community Managers who are fond of posting through third-party applications such as Hootsuite, Post Planner, etc. Facebook has fixed its news feed algorithm to stop aggregating posts from all third-party publishing tools, giving them equal treatment.

5. LinkedIn now Allows Company Status Updates

LinkedIn wouldn’t let Facebook and Google have all the fun as it now allows companies to put status updates on their Company page. It means that all those who “follow” your company on LinkedIn may now get the latest status updates. The said feature was previously only limited to individual accounts.

6.  Google+ Pages Now Open For Businesses, Brands, Places & More

Finally! Google has now allowed brands and businesses to create a Business Google + page. Well, they have to especially now that Facebook has been fast offering small business owners with more training to market themselves in the said platform.

Those are just some of the most interesting and practical social media updates this week which I think anyone who wants to constantly improve their social media marketing and sharing. Let me know of any other notable improvements that headlines that I might have missed by leaving your thoughts in the comments section below.