The State of Mobile Marketing in 2013

Mobile Marketing Statistics 2013

Mobile Marketing Statistics

Erik Qualman shared the following interesting stats about the state of mobile and below are some of the key takeaways:

Mobile Marketing Statistics 2013


More people have mobile phones than toothbrush
90% of tweets are from mobile
Yet companies spend less than 1% on mobile
70% of mobile searches lead to action in one hour. It takes one month on desktops
The average person has their mobile in reach 14 hours a day

Since mobile marketing is going to be one of the key trends for 2013, it’s very important for companies to integrate the mobile marketing to their existing strategies. It will help them optimize and utilize their existing strategy to its utmost potential by tapping into a platform that reaches out to a younger and much more connected generation of audience.

In The Future of Mobile in 2013 interview by eConsultancy, Shiraz Datta, Lead – Marketing CRM and Business Intelligence at Nokia shared the following:

Tablets and Mobile or Mobile PC are taking over the world and is expected to grow from 347M units in 2012 to over 809M units by 2017. Equally, this is quickly becoming the first mode of reference for consumer across the globe. One of the fundamental enablers for this massive growth is the Mobile/Tablet ability to marry information to your location. Further this is fueled by the consumers in the emerging market where, mobile and potential tablet (expected growth due to low cost tablets available in local markets) is the first piece of “personal” technology that an individual owns, and is enabling more connected devices to internet.

As we see more consumer looking for information on their mobile, business across the globe are gearing up to ensure their presence on this new mode of consumer reference. For those who are still in process of evaluating their jump; 2013 may prove to be a year that forces them to enter into the space, especially in emerging markets. Hence, it’s proving to be an interesting space as consumers evolution is happening at all possible points of the spectrum.

Does your company have a mobile marketing strategy? How do you integrate it with your other strategies?

How Lady Gaga Reinvented Community Management

Lady Gaga signs a fan's copy of the NY Post, then poses with him while wearing Mickey ear sunglasses outside of Rockefeller Center, NYC

How Lady Gaga Changes the Celebrity Game with Social Media

Lady Gaga aka Mother Monster with her Little Monsters via

No other pop stars has ever reached the stardom and success that Lady Gaga has reached. No other celebrities has ever reached out to their fans like she does. Lady Gaga and her team are marketing geniuses.

How Lady Gaga Dominates the Social Media and What Community Management Lessons We Could Learn

With over 25 million Twitter followers and over 50 million fans on Facebook, there’s no doubt that Lady Gaga and her digital team are doing a great job with building a community of loyal fans and cult-like following.

However, getting a lot of followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook are not enough. Troy Carter, Lady Gaga’s manager, wanted more. Thus, the

Funded by, among others, Google Ventures, Founders Fund, Menlo Ventures and TomorrowVentures, the Backplane-powered community, LittleMonsters, aims to transform how the entertainment industry interacts with consumers. Currently, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and the other outposts of a celebrity’s digital career are separate. The Backplane aims to gather content and interaction into one hub, which could completely alter the economics of Hollywood: revenue that once flowed to corporations will flow to artists.

Review of LittleMonsters – A Community-Powered Hub for Lady Gaga Fans

Today I got the beta invite for the and got a chance to play around with the interface and have seen the content generated by the little monsters, of the loyal Lady Gaga fans. There were three choices to sign in on the site – through Facebook, Twitter and Email.

The community has an interface that is similar to that of Pinterest. Every member could create a content by posting a video or a photo. Little Monsters could also collaborate with each other through the Chat feature.

Every member could customize their profile with their Profile Photo (which is automatically derived from the platform connected – e.g. profile photo from your Facebook account), Bio, Interests, Music, etc.

The Backplane is among the most high-powered and heavily funded entertainment-based social-media ventures in the marketplace, and an exemplar of a movement sweeping the industry. Beckett and his collaborators have built a platform that allows celebrities to plug their existing brand into an online framework; he describes it as “a mini-Facebook built around a lifestyle brand”. His clients can interact with their fans in a way that wasn’t possible two years ago. “Most celebrity websites are Flash sites that don’t even load on the iPad,” he says. “They look pretty but don’t build community.”

Unlike any other celebrity websites, Little Monsters, powered by Backplane, aims to highlight the fans and the community-generated content instead of the usual one-sided broadcasting of updates from the celebrity. In this case, Lady Gaga and her digital team are truly changing how celebrities reach out to their fans and provides a great example of community building.

Britney Spears Beats Larry Page on Google Plus Popularity


Britney Spears has just recently beat the Google CEO, Larry Page, as the 2nd most popular person on Google Plus.

Spears currently has 739,370 followers to her account on Google Plus while Page has 739,241 followers.

It looks like Google Plus is no longer just for geeks since celebrities are becoming more interested in communicating with their fans through the said platform. It has also helped that they launched verified accounts to help followers identify whether the person that they are following is indeed who they claim who they are. In the meantime, you may also want to follow other celebrities that are also on Google Plus such as Ashley Tisdale, Ashton Kutcher (can’t believe I just wrote that!) and others. You may refer here for list of recommended celebrities to follow on Google Plus.