Top 3 Industries With the Strongest Facebook Communities [INFOGRAPHIC]

Companies That Have Strong Facebook Communities

Top Industries with Strongest Facebook Communities: Fashion, Auto and E-Commerce

Do you ever wonder which type of industries have the strongest Facebook communities? In a recent study released by Socialbakers, these communities are that of fashion, auto and e-commerce. Fans of these industries are likely to interact with each other, share, comment and engage with other fans posts.

Companies That Have Strong Facebook Communities

Brands in those 3 industries should focus more in providing content that are not only relevant to their fans but also help build nurture and strengthen the already budding community within themselves. Instead of trying to push branded content, community managers and content creators of fashion, ecommerce and auto companies should focus more on strategies that emphasize on highlighting their community and let them tell their stories.
Companies With Large Facebook CommunitiesSource: Socialbakers

A Newbie’s Guide on Getting a Career as a Community Manager

Jobs for Community Managers

Frequently Asked Questions About Community Managers and Community Building

You probably know someone who is a community manager and curious as to how you could jump start your career in the same industry. You’re probably curious as to what tasks do these community managers do aside from being constantly logged in on Facebook as their Human Resource Manager might have given them “the license to Facebook”. You might also be wondering as to how much  they’re making. These and many other frequently asked questions about community managers will be answered in this article.

First things first, we need to define what is a community manager and why companies need to hire them.

1. What is a Community Manager?

Community Manager is becoming a common job title as more and more companies invest in social media and trying to leverage its power to connect their fans with their brands. Even startup companies realize that in order for their product or service to become successful, it’s essential to have someone to help develop, build and manage a community of users and bring them all together to talk about a common interest or activity.

Jobs for Community Managers

Brandwatch asked several community managers during the Community Manager Meet Up at the Driskill Hotel during SXSW 2013 about their views on what they do and what being a Community Manager means to them. Some of the most common definitions is being able to serve as a voice of the brand and ensure that customers and community members are satisfied.

However, community management is more than just listening. It’s about being the voice of the consumer and the community members to ensure that the brand you’re representing is able to listen to its fans and provide insights or report as to what’s the over-all voice of the community.

On his Social Media Examiner articleMichael Brito shared a pretty solid definition of what a community manager is.

community manager usually manages an editorial calendar for a blog/community, a Twitter account and various third-party social media channels like a Facebook fan page or a YouTube account.

A community manager may also be responsible for managing a social listening platform like Radian6 and filtering/assigning conversations to others in the business unit for a proper response. He or she may even organize in-person events (or town halls) to get feedback from the community. The community manager is the face of the brand. Conversations are at the core of the job responsibility.

2. What Are the Roles of a Community Manager?

Community managers wear different hats. The following diagram from Zdnet showcases some of the most common tasks and responsibilities that community managers do which usually include: content creation, customer support, event management, project management and many others. How to be Community Manager


Ryan Lytle wrote on Mashable about the 10 qualities that community managers must have which are: strong communication skills, good judgement, empathy, dedication (community management job is not just your usual 9-6-job), organizational skills, adaptability  level-headed attitude, background in analytics, ability to enable the community and passion for the brand.

Aside from those mentioned, every community manager must have good writing skills, able to think strategically, must know how to curate contents, knows how to engage with influencers, a good listener and implementer.

 3. How Much Money Do Community Managers Make? 

In a recent survey conducted by SocialFresh1,047 community managers, the average salary for a community manager is $57,732.77 in 2012 with men making $54,880 while women in the same role are making $50,400. 

The survey fails to identify whether the respondents are mainly from the United States or was it a combination of responses from community managers around the world. One thing is for sure, mid-level community managers in the Asia Pacific do not earn as much as their counterparts in the US, UK or Australia.

How Much Do Community Managers Make

4. What Are Some of the Most Essential Resources for Community Managers?

If you want to jump start your career in community management, you should be familiar with some of the most essential tools and resources that will help you get the job done. I’ve previously shared my 10  essential free resources and tools for community managers.

It’s a collection of the best free resources for community manager to help build a community, keep members engaged and the day-to-day toolkit such as social media content calendar template, social media sizing cheat sheet and reporting template and community guidelines. These resources include: social media sizing sheet, social media publishing template, information sheet, community management playbook, social media guidelines, Facebook community guidelines, social media reporting templates, social media tactical plan and sample outreach letters.

5. What Are Some of Your Recommended Tools for Community Management?

The following tools are just some of those that I’ve proven to be highly essential in getting the job done on a day-to-day basis. Since every community manager’s task from one another, I have categorized them in the following: Planning, Posting, Listening, and Reporting / Analytics.

a. Planning

Google Docs - When planning for the content or editorial  calendar, it’s important that it’s easy to share it with the team and even with the clients. Google docs allows its users easy and efficient sharing of documents, spreadsheets, presentation and surveys making it a personal favorite when it comes to creating the content and editorial calendar.

b. Posting

There are various tools that enables posting for Facebook only and there would also be various tools for Twitter while some other tools allow posting in various social networking sites and below are just some of my favorites.

HootSuite - Perhaps the leading social media management dashboard. It allows its users to manage multiple networks and profiles and even basic reporting. It allows posting on Facebook, Twitter, Facebook groups and various other platforms. One of its most unique features that other social media management tools don’t seem to have is the ability to schedule bulk posts. It means that you can import your CSV content plan to their dashboard and get your updates scheduled in a jiffy!

c. Listening

When you’re a community manager, you will need to monitor the online buzz and conversation about the brand that you’re managing as well as keep tabs on the conversation about its competitors. It’s important that you use tools that allow you to not only monitor but also engage in conversation that you find relevant. Of  course there are tons of sophisticated tools out there but one of the most basic and probably the most useful is the Google Alerts. Others which you should look into are Radian6, Buzz Metrics and below:

1. SocialAppsHQ : Monitoring & Analysis tool enables you to manage the online reputation of your brand. You can learn more about the overall sentiment, key demographics, influencers and more around your brand, product or competition. Check out here- Its absolutely free to start.

2. Simplify360 : Complete CRM Package for Social Media
Have good listening and competitive intelligence. Strong in Social Media Campaigns, has channel analytics. Reasonably priced.

3. ThoughtBuzz : Brand Monitoring Tool. Strong in Asian Language support. Pricing is decent.

4. AC Nielson BuzzMetrics : Good in research and listening. Pricing is high. Targets only tier 1 companies.

5. Sysomos : Good solution for top size companies. Priced on the higher side. Good listening capability.

6. Lithium : Known for integration to different existing tools like salesforce. Good for companies looking to integrate to current systems. Priced on higher side.

7. iEngage : Built by Infosys and Jive, two big software companies. Decent listening capability. Not a great product but one tool to watch out for.

8. Alterian SM2 : Good listening and campaign monitoring. Priced decent.

9. Brandwatch : Serious tool for both research and social CRM. Covers 25 languages (each with automated sentiment analysis). Priced similarly to Radian6.

10. Omllion – Social Media Monitoring, Measuring, Analysing and Engaging platform. Offers watchlist, collaborative working, numerous customisable graphical comparison. Price begins at $120

11. Reputeme : Social Media Tool from Europe’s Top Digital Media Agency Euro RSCG Global, a part of Havas Digital. Most comprehensive tool with automated sentiment analysis, automated demographics (age, sex and location), Channel analytics (profile analytics for Twitter, Facebook) etc.

12. SOCOTO : Probably worlds only Semantic(s) social platform with Listening and Thinking capabilities. It is intersection of Web 2.0 ,Web 3.0, and Marketing 3.0. Influence,Semantic Sentiment,Semantic Knowledge Search,Bigdata, Personalization etc.

Other major tools, often for lower budget:

Google Alerts - it’s free and it allows you to monitor and receive updates on the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your queries or keywords.

d. Reporting / Analytics

You cannot improve what you cannot measure. It’s therefore important to keep track of the performance of your campaigns and monitor the results through social media measurement, reports and analysis. Pam Dyer has shared a comprehensive list of excellent tools and their descriptions here.

Facebook Insights - free and readily available for the Facebook business page which you will manage. It only requires some good understanding of which metrics you should be focusing your efforts on.

6. How to Get a Job in Social Media – Through Social Media?

I’m often asked as to how I landed my first gig as a Community Manager and how to find a job through social media. Check out my post on how to find a social media job here and how can social media profiles help you land a job here.

There you have it. I hope it can help you kick start your career in digital marketing (particularly in community management). Should you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Should there be any tools or tips that I’ve missed, do let me know!

7. What are your recommended blogs / resources?

I read various blogs daily such as Socialfresh, The Community Manager, MyCMGR, Community Roundtable and Feverbee mainly because of their practical updates and tips.

8. Recommended readings

64 Facebook Content Tips from Socialfresh – contains some of the best ideas when crafting content for your editorial calendar.

A Dozen Tools Every Community Manager Needs to Have

(Image Credit: TelstraZdnet)

ASIA: Directory of Community Managers on Twitter

Community Managers in Asia Pacific to Follow on Twitter

Must-Follow Community Managers in Asia Pacific (Philippines, Singapore, Hongkong, Indonesia, Malaysia)

There may be several people who manage digital campaigns and are called with various names but if there’s one digital role which wear the most number of hats, it would be the community managers. These are your brand advocates, social media analysts, content creators and planners, listeners, community builders and many other roles. *(may and may often include: instant graphic designers)

Best Community Managers to Follow  - Asia Pacific

The following carefully-curated list highlights some of the community managers in Asia Pacific region. Community managers are not to be confused with digital and social media strategists. These are the people who constantly ensure that the online community is carefully being taken cared of and ensure the growth of its members.

The following community managers from Philippines, Singapore, Hongkong, Indonesia, Thailand are just some who constantly provide value to the brands and companies that they work with and fellow community managers with their updates.

Also, if you follow them on Twitter, you will constantly be inspired and be updated with the latest trends and key insights in building and managing online communities. Sure there are many people who can manage and grow Facebook or Twitter pages but these are just some of the community managers who always provide great resources and updates in community building and management.

Criteria based on the great insights and value they constantly provide through their Twitter feeds, number of Twitter followers and being active in the social media space and embody the thought leadership in the industry (*they walk the talk)

Best Community Managers in APAC

Follow the list on Pinterest and let me know in the comments below or ping me on Twitter (@jonharules) as to who else should be included in the list!

You may also want to check out the following lists. (Two of which I’ve been honoured to have been included – top community managers worldwide and globally)

Top 100 Community Managers on Twitter – Worldwide
Top 1000 Community Managers Globally
Best Startup Community Managers (you need to be logged in on Quora to view the list)

(Image via SocialFresh)

Top Community Managers to Follow on Twitter

Top Community Managers on Twitter

Must Follow-Community Managers on Twitter

Little Bird, a powerful new engine to discover experts with real influence and engage effectively with content online, shared their Top 1000 Community Managers on Twitter, Globally list.

Top Community Managers on Twitter




“How are these lists built? Little Bird spiders out to find the network of social connections among thousands of community managers. Then we calculate which community managers command the most attention from their network peers. Finally, we sort the network and return the top 500 validated by their fellow community managers.”

You may check out the list of their Top 500 in the Europe and Top 500 in US/Global (which I felt really honoured to be part of the list).

However, some really really great community managers I know didn’t make it to the list so you may want to check out my carefully curated and handpicked list of Must-Follow Community Managers on Twitter here and my Top Social Media Resources here. These are the people making waves in the social media and have been constantly providing great resources and updates about the latest trends in social media.

Photo Credit: GovLoop

Facebook Threaded Comments and Ranking: Pages and Personal

Threaded Comments on Facebook

 Facebook Is Testing Threaded and Ranked Comments on Pages

Facebook has rolled out the new “threaded comments” feature that allows users to reply to specific comments on busy posts.

Threaded Comments on Facebook

Currently, comments to a posting are added at the bottom, however, as I was browsing my News Feed, I’ve seen a friend’s status update with several comments branching out and other users have the ability to even like or rank the responses to the comments. The feature is available for both personal accounts and Business pages.

Facebook Threaded Comments on Pages and Personal

Of all the Facebook changes and updates, this is one of the few that I think will be most valuable as it helps specify and direct the conversation to the specific person you’d like to respond to. The threaded comments feature could lead to more intelligent conversations on posts that receive hundreds and thousands of comments.