Fifty Shades of Grey’s Anatomy: Quotes on Collaborative Sharing and Winning

Benefits of Collaboration and Sharing Culture

The human brain is fascinating.

Benefits of Collaboration and Sharing Culture

We see and take ideas into the next level by mashing up one good idea into another in order to create a powerful combination. Aided with technology and collaborative culture, we empower individuals and turn them into communities. Sure, there are certain limits to our brain specially with multitasking.

Yet, we continue to find ways to become our excellent selves through constant learning and better experiences through collaboration. It is through collaborative thinking and sharing that we get access to ideas, talents and opportunities that we normally wouldn’t achieve in our own.

Every after work I have this habit of multitasking my learning. Or maybe it’s just my way of idling, yet I still learn in the process. I have two favorites – reading and watching movies or sitcoms. The two activities do not necessarily require much thinking and simply relaxes me thus I am confident of multitasking. It also partly explains the title. I read the Fifty Shades of Grey on my phone while watching The Grey’s Anatomy.

Therefore, Fifty Shades of Grey’s Anatomy.

The following are pieces of thoughts all throughout the experience. Some of them may not be directly from the book or the program yet these ideas sprout as I read, watch and ponder (not necessarily in that order) – both media.

The following thoughts are about collaboration, sharing experiences, self doubt and emerging and just about life in general. Bask into some inspiration from time to time. The soul brain needs it.

With collaboration, we can be extraordinary together than be ordinary on our own.

In order to take the step of the legends, you have to detour from mediocrity.

What separates you from the rest is your greatness. Don’t let a single failure define you.

Don’t chase your dream. Be the dream. - Addison Montgomery

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Singapore: So Good Amidst the Haze

Good Things About the Haze

What Can Singapore Do While Suffering from the Haze?

While I may have been spared from the haze because I’m back in the Philippines, I constantly monitor the PSI level and my prayers and thoughts are with my friends in Singapore and Malaysia.

In times like these, it’s pretty normal reaction for people to complain (even more) but this guy proves that we can be more productive if we look not on the “why” but how you can respond positively to the situation.

“In these hazy conditions I was forced to see clearly just how selfish and inward looking I sometimes was and we could sometimes be” – Josiah Ng

Good Things About the Haze

#WD2013 Key Takeaways from the Women Deliver 2013: Women Issues are Human Issues

Women Deliver Conference in Malaysia

Women Deliver 2013 Key Takeaways: Women Issues are Human Issues

During my last few weeks in Singapore, I was thinking as to what else could I do to make my stay even more meaningful. Then I got an email from Anastasia Dellaccio, the Outreach and Communications for the United Nations Foundation about the Women Deliver + Social Good launch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Women empowerment and discussions of women issues are two most important topics which truly matter to me. Without thinking twice, I immediately booked my trip from Singapore to Malaysia.

Every time I go to Malaysia, I would always stay with my friend, Mary Jane and her family. They’re like my second family and their place is just stone through away from the Petronas Tower and the place where the conference was held was just a few minutes walk so I thought it’s definitely perfect time for us to bond before and after the conference.

We attended the Plus Social Good launch and learned so much from the many inspiring and brave women from all over the globe and below are just some of the best articles written about the event and the issues:

Women Deliver Conference in Malaysia

Women Deliver: Investing in Reproductive Health by Jeni Klugman, Worldbank:

Women’s lack of agency, alongside weak accountability, are key factors driving poor reproductive health outcomes.”

Are Health Workers Delivering for Women? And Are We Delivering for Health Workers? by Rebecca Kohler

Why Policymakers Must Invest in Girls 

“We invest in girls because women and girls are half of the population of the world. So if you want the society to grow, you have to empower [them],” Barbara Bush, co-founder of Global Health Corps”.

Women Deliver 2013: Lessons learned for Indonesia by Rita A. Widiadana

“Family planning should, and must always, top the priorities of the country’s development program. It provides women with reproductive rights — a basic human right, and creates a healthy, smart generation. In addition, family planning also serves as a way to halt Indonesia’s speedy population growth.”

What I saw and Learned in Southeast Asia and Why I Left Inspired by Chelsea Clinton

From reducing the prevalence of HIV/AIDS to providing clean drinking water to rural communities, these programs are examples of how, when corporations, NGOs, governments, and people work together, incredible strides can be made to challenges that were once thought intractable. These achievements give me hope that other countries will be able to replicate these models and provide similar health care access to individuals – and that, in my lifetime, we’ll achieve an AIDS-free generation and eliminate mortality caused by unclean water.

View more photos of the Women Deliver here.

Image [Women Deliver Flickr]

Women Deliver and Plus Social Good Launch in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Plus Social Good Bloggers in Malaysia

Women Deliver 2013 + Social Good in Malaysia

Yesterday I was invited to Women Deliver + Social Good Launch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Women Deliver + Social Good brough together over 4,000 advocacy organizations bringing together voices from around the world to call for action to improve the health and well-being of girls and women.

Plus Social Good Bloggers in Malaysia

Inspired by the Social Good Summit +SocialGood unites a global community of innovators around a shared vision: Leveraging the power of technology and new media to make the world a better place.

+SocialGood is a place where connectors can collaborate, share best practices, influence local and global agendas, and find new ways to translate vision into action.Social Good Community

Women Deliver Program and SpeakersDo join the community and share your story on how you can help improve your community in your area!

Women Deliver 2013 + Social Good Conference in Malaysia

Women Empowerment and Social Good in Malaysia

While working on my talk for the upcoming The Global Filipino Investors seminar in Singapore, I received the following email from Anastasia Dellaccio, the Outreach and Communications for the United Nations Foundation.

Women Empowerment and Social Good in Malaysia

Having been a strong supporter of Social Media for Social Good and missed last year’s Social Good Summit, I was thrilled that there’s an upcoming Women Deliver + Social Good Conference in a city near me – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

In a few weeks we will announce the dates of the next Social Good Summit. After last year’s Social Good Summit and record breaking global conversation, we listened when you said we needed to do more than just host a few events a year. You told us we needed to ensure that global conversations around the most important issues facing our world not only continue, but offer solutions.

On Monday, May 27th at Women Deliver, we’ll be unveiling +SocialGood, a global community of innovators, social entrepreneurs, and thought leaders united around a shared vision: Leveraging the power of technology and new media to make the world a better place.

We would love for you to join us. Here’s how:

· Join +SocialGood
You would be an incredible addition to this community, and we’d love to be able to feature you and your work in the first phase of our launch. You can sneak a peek at the beta site we’ll be releasing next week here: To create a profile, sign up here.

· Help us spread the word.
We’re looking for +SocialGood leaders around the world to join us, and will be promoting the project across all of our social media channels throughout the summer.

We know there are a ton of amazing +SocialGood leaders out there that we haven’t even met yet, and we need your help to find them. Please feel free to invite anyone you think might be interested, or use the sample tweets/posts below to share with your social networks.

· Watch Women Deliver +Social Good on Livestream.

Women Deliver will bring together thousands of participants from around the world to call for action to improve the health and well-being of girls and women. WomenDeliver+SocialGood will be a dedicated space to discuss innovative solutions that leverage technology and new media to empower and improve the health of women and girls around the world.

Join us via livestream at and follow @Plus_SocialGood and the digital conversation via hashtags #WD2013 plus #SocialGood

Thanks so much for your help. I look forward to seeing you on +SocialGood!


Sample Tweets:

· Join the @Plus_SocialGood community innovators, social entrepreneurs, and thought leaders

· Excited to be joining #SocialGood partners at #WD2013! Watch the livestream on and follow @Plus_SocialGood

· How is #technology making a difference for women around the world? Find out by watching #WD2013 plus #SocialGood on

Sample Facebook Posts:

Technology and social good are coming together to make the world a better place. Check out the collaboration on the +SocialGood community:

Want to make a difference in the world? Do you think that technology is the way to do it? Join the +SocialGood community and connect with others around the globe who feel the same way!

Anastasia Dellaccio
Outreach and Communications
United Nations Foundation
1800 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Suite 400
Washington, D.C. 20036
P (202) 887 9040

WomenDeliver+SocialGood is being held on the eve of the  Women Deliver conference, the largest women’s health and empowerment conference to date. Women Deliver will gather more than 5,000 global leaders, advocates, civil society members, media and more.

Women Deliver is a global advocacy organization bringing together voices from around the world to call for action to improve the health and well-being of girls and women. We work globally to generate political commitment and resource investments to reduce maternal mortality and achieve universal access to reproductive health.

RSVP here to attend.

To address the world’s biggest problems, we need to think beyond today and focus on the future. Therefore, speakers will be reflecting on the following question:

What are we trying to achieve for women’s health and empowerment by 2030, and how can we use technology and digital media to lay the groundwork for sustainable solutions now?

Women Deliver 2013 Speakers in Malaysia

WomenDeliver+SocialGood will start with a cocktails and networking period, and then launch into panels and presentations. We’ll discuss empowering youth, child development, safe births and much more.

If you can’t go to KL to attend the conference, you may also show your support and keep an eye on the events by tweeting. See the details here on how you can show your support virtually.

I’m really excited for this event and I sure do look forward to sharing my key takeaways on women empowerment and social media for social good (social impact).