Did Diaspora Just Ask for More Money?


A friend sent me an invite to Diaspora just a little over a couple of weeks ago so it was no surprise when I received a newsletter from them.


Oh, wait, you don’t know what Diaspora is? Bet my high school friends don’t too. (They still don’t even know what Google + is, so it’s no surprise).


It is a social networking “project” or the new distributed social platform that is now in alpha development. It still is.

The concept is that since large networking sites like Facebook and Twiter have full control of all the data we supply them and all the logs of our activities, the project aims to give its users clear and open control over their social networking activities. They want to give users their own nodes and have full control and ownership of their data.

Sounds like something we all wanted. Alright, cool.

If you wish to know more about the project, you may want to watch the video of the group behind the project.

So yeah, it was no surprise to receive a newsletter from a social network that I just signed up and barely played around with. But it was a surprise to see them ask for more money. They just got funded over 20 times than they originally asked. 6,479 backers through Kickstarter and $200,641 in funds to be exact, along with its many other supporters. Even Mark Zuckerberg donated.¬† You’ve read it right, Zuck donated to what aims be “an alternative to Facebook”.

So, seriously, Diaspora how could you date ask more funding? A disappointed backer, Jennifer, commented on their project:

You don’t deliver what you promise, miss most of your deadlines, and got funded 20 times more than you asked for and then you have the gall to send an email asking for MORE money????

Why should I throw good money after bad?

At least this email promises something you might deliver – nothing. I’d rather buy shares in a company that is going under. Thanks all the same.

Seriously, Diaspora, I thought:

Diaspora is:

-For benefit rather than profit
-A community rather than corporation


Yet after missing several deadlines and not clearly showing your backers as to which direction the project is heading, how could you ask for more money?