6 Charts That Will Explain Why Facebook Bought WhatsApp for 19 Billion

Why Facebook Bought WhatsApp for 19 Billion Charts

6 Main Reasons Why Facebook Is Buying WhatsApp Messenger for 19 Billion

Facebook stunned the world when it broke the news of acquiring the social messaging app, WhatsApp for $19 billion in cash and stocks.

Below are 6 charts that will justify as to why it makes sense and giving us a clue as to where Facebook’s next billion users will come from.

1. Over 450 Million Active Monthly Users, 1 Million Daily Sign Ups, 100 Million Video Messages Are Being Sent Per Day

WhatsApp Valuation 2014

2. WhatsApp Is  The Main Key Player in Top Social Messaging Apps Globally (Source: WSJ)Top Key Players in Social Messaging

3. Map of Downloads In All Main Countries: WhatsApp is Facebook’s Main Competitor (Source: Distimo)
WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger Per Country

4. WhatsApp Is Growing Faster than Facebook Did When Facebook Was the Same Age WhatsApp User Growth 4 Years

5. User Count Doubled in Less Than One Year (Source: Statistica)

WhatsApp Daily Messages and User

6. WhatsApp Has the Most Number of Active Users Globally (Source: QZ)

Leading Social Messaging Apps

Do you think $42 per user was a good deal for Facebook? Share with us in the comments below!

(Header Image via TechCrunch Japan)

A Look Back: Facebook Captures Best Moments

Date with Daniel Matsunaga

Facebook Celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary – Highlighting YOU

Facebook has just recently turned 10 and it’s quite fitting for them to celebrate it with “A Look Back”.

Originally expecting to see a compilation of Facebook’s milestones and some of its highest moments, the social networking giant celebrated it in such as fashion that they do best – personalizing the experience and highlighting their user’s milestones instead (just like how they’ve previously captured the Year in Review and Moments

Top Social Media Manager in Philippines MomentsSome of my top moments (including snapshot of my first post and some of my most commented and shared updates) 

Happy 10 Facebook!

What if You Could Manage Your Facebook Ads on Mobile? You can with Kuhcoon!

Social Ads on Mobile

Create, Optimize, Manage and Monitor Your Facebook Ads on the Go

With more and more people glued to their mobile phones for discovering and consuming content, it’s important to not only advertise but also optimize your ads for mobile viewing.

What’s even more important is for community and campaign managers to be able to set, optimize and monitor those on mobile too!

A company called Kuhcoon allows you to do just that.

So I’ve caught up with Andrew Torba, Co-Founder and CEO of Kuhcoon to learn about the social ads (primarily Facebook) solution.

1. As a starter, could you tell us a little about you and why you decided to create the app?

I’m a 23 year old Entrepreneur from Scranton, Pennsylvania. I Co-Founded Kuhcoon with my CTO CJ Szymanski in October 2011 as a Junior in college.

CJ and I created Kuhcoon to transform paid social media advertising into something easy, mobile, and fun for every advertiser.

Before Kuhcoon I did some consulting in the Scranton area and learned that a great majority of small business owners, local ad agencies, and organizations were lost when it came to social media advertising.

Social media is something that evolves on a daily basis and we found that brands didn’t have the time to properly learn and execute a real social media strategy.

We had the vision to create products that were simple enough for small business owners to understand, but powerful enough to create custom solutions for an enterprise company.

2. When will you be launching the app? What are your future plans with it?

Kuhcoon launched  into public beta on January 10th, 2013 with a web and iOS application (you may download it here). We plan on staying in beta for a few weeks while making iterations based on user feedback and also building the Android version of our mobile app.

Manage and Optimize Facebook Social Ads with Kuhcoon Ads


We have big plans for 2014 including a full suite of mobile apps, advanced insights and ad optimization, and a few other surprises.

As social media marketers, 90% of our work day is spent on our phones so we are extremely bullish on providing the best and most comprehensive mobile experience for our users.

3. “Facebook Ads Optimized – Create, Manage and Monitor on the Go”. Who do you think (which sector) will benefit the most from the product?

Our product is valuable to any brand that currently advertises on Facebook or is thinking about advertising on Facebook.

There are so many diverse ad products on Facebook that it’s powerful enough for any brand to successfully advertise.

Whether you’re a mobile startup trying to promote your app or a pizza shop down the road promoting a special, social media empowers brands to build community and generate real business value.

What we want to do is help users maximize and understand that value by optimizing campaigns to cut costs and increase conversions while providing a full suite of mobile apps to manage their paid media strategy on the go.

4. Where can people find more information on Kuhcoon? How can people learn more about you? (e.g. blog, your Medium, etc)

Our company blog is in a Collection on Medium located here:

My own personal blog is on Medium as well where I write about everything from Entrepreneurship to Poetry, to Anxiety.

5. What are your thoughts on the news that Facebook admits that organic reach has dipped and how do you think Kuhcoon can help address that?

I think it’s important for paid, owned, and earned media to work together on Facebook. Until recently these media types were often managed independently in traditional forms of advertisement. Facebook takes these three categories of media and transforms them into a single advertising unit that is supported by an engaged and loyal social community.

When you engage with fans you show them that you care about their involvement with your brand. Responding to customer support issues, general comments, and mentions is crucial for the community building process and the success of owned, paid, and earned media on Facebook.

6. Anything else you’d like to highlight?

Our goal is to optimize your paid media spending so that your brand receives the highest level of conversion for the lowest amount of spend. We would also recommend that brands have a consistent content strategy, engagement, and community building to support their paid media efforts. When paid, owned, and earned media work together social media can become a powerful tool not only for sales, but for customer service, brand awareness, and customer retention as well. I think most brands forget this important fact and think that broadcasting a few times a week is going to drive results. Consistency, engagement, and paid media are all crucial to boosting organic reach.

Learn more about Kuhcoon by following them on Twitter.

5 Statistics That Will Convince You To Invest in Social Media in Asia

Social Media Users in Asia Mobile Penetration Statistics

 Social Media Statistics That Will Help You Understand How Asians Use Social Media 

Social Media Users in Asia Mobile Penetration Statistics

If your company does not have a social media presence in Asia, you might want to re-evaluate your plans for 2014.

The following stats will help you understand how Asians are using the social media and why your company needs to have a social media presence in the region. The stats prove that Asians are heavy social media users and growth drivers for social media networks.

1. Engagement level in the Asia Pacific is higher than in any other regions.

In a case study by Socialbakers where they have analyzed Facebook fan pages of Starbucks in 11 countries such as Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malayasia, India, Australia and Vietnam, it was revealed that the engagement level in the Asian countries drives 7x more engagement than its global page!

But of course engagement doesn’t necessarily translate to sales, right?

Well, picture this.

Xiaomi, China’s smartphone manufacture, just sold 150,000 smartphones in under 10 minutes using WeChat!

According to this report from The Next Web, Xiaomi unveiled its latest flagship device, the Mi-3. The first batch of 100,000 Mi-3 phones were snapped up in 86 seconds flat!

Furthermore, according to the SAP Consumer Trends survey, North Americans lag 65% behind other regions in their desire for mobile commerce while emerging countries express the most demand - Asia having the biggest appetite. (More mobile insights here).

 2. By 2015, 65% of the world’s mobile users are in Asia Pacific

Emerging markets in the Asia Pacific are expected to add nearly half of the new connections of 1.4 billion growth between now and 2017.

According to Portio Research report, the percentage contribution of the Asia Pacific region to the worldwide mobile subscriber base will increase from 51.3 percent at end-2012 to 54.3 percent at end-2016 making up half the population of the mobile users worldwide.

Additional report from GSMA Intelligence shows that the global mobile revenue growth shifts to Asia as the region contributes 42% of global mobile revenue – equivalent in size to the North American and European mobile markets combined.

3. Twitter: Only 34% of Tweets Are in English 

Twitter - Only 34% of all tweets are in English. 4 Out of the 11 most used languages used in tweets around the world are from Asia which are Japanese, Malay, Thai and Korean.

Only 34 Percent of Tweets are in English

Only 34% of Tweets are in English (Sources: Statistica, Mashable and Semiocast) 

4. 80% of Facebook’s Growth Drivers are from Asia and Rest of the World

Facebook –  Approximately 80% of Facebook’s monthly active users are outside the U.S. and Canada and Asia is one of its top user growth drivers.

Daily Active Users of Facebook Are from Asia

80% of Facebook’s User Base are from Asia and Rest of the World (Source: Business Insider

5. 6 of the World’s Most Checked In Places on Facebook are from Asia 

6 of the 25 most popular destinations people checked in on Facebook are in Asia. These places are:

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Disneyland
India: Harmandir Sahib (The Golden Temple)
Japan: Tokyo Disneyland
Singapore: Marina Bay Sands
South Korea: Myungdong Street, Seoul
Taiwan: Tainan Flower Night Market, Tainan City

Most Checked In Places on Facebook are in Asia

6 of Facebook’s top check-in places in 2013 are in Asia (Source: TechinAsia)

6. World’s Most Instagrammed Place is in Thailand

The world’s most Instagrammed place in 2013 is Siam Paragon mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

Siam Mall in Thailand Most Instagrammed Place

Most Instagrammed Place in the World is in Asia – Siam Mall in Bangkok Thailand (Source: Business Insider)

When planning for your global social media presence, it’s important to note that some of the most active and growth drivers of social media are from Asia.

By 2016, most of the mobile population growth will be driven by Asia so it makes sense for companies to not only invest in social media in Asia but actually invest in Asian talents who not only have local insights but most importantly, be able to provide localized experience that Asians will love. It’s not enough to have a global plan in place.

It’s very important, especially in this part of the region, to understand what Asians value the most as it will drive the success for your campaigns.

There are certain behaviours and cultural differences as clearly observed in this study - A Comparative Study of Users’ Microblogging: Behavior on Sina Weibo and Twitter.

It was observed that overall, 20% of the Twitter messages contain hashtags and 29.1% of the tweets feature a URL.In contrast, Sina Weibo users make more extensive use of exclamation marks and therefore more often put extra emphasis on their statements.

The above observation explains why LINE – the Japanese messaging company - makes over $10 million per month from selling stickers.

Asians definitely are spending a lot of their time and even using their purchasing power to buy items online so it’s important for a global brand to actually develop strategies that are localized to make the most of their presence in this region.

Header Image : Asian Correspondent

Facebook Year in Review: 8 Things I’m Grateful for in 2013

Social Media Speaker in Asia Thank You 2013 Facebook Year in Review

8 Highlights of my 2013 by Facebook Year in Review

Scientific research reveals that grateful people are happier and healthier.  So I would love to express my gratitude for the many opportunities and blessings I’ve had this year of 2013.

Social Media Speaker Facebook 2013

Thank you so much to the people who have been part of my 2013. Thanks for the new and old friends who made my year brighter and so much happier.  Onward to 2014!

Some of the many things and moments I’m so grateful for in the year 2013 were capture by my Facebook Year in Review.  Below are just some of the highlights of my 2013 in chronological order.

- Listed in the Top 500 Community Managers to Follow on Twitter – Globally
- Spoke at the Social Media Influencers Summit in Cebu City Philippines (see full list of my speaking engagements here
- Became a Socialbakers Ambassador - Philippines
- Spoke at Entrepreneur ‘X’ Factor, Ateneo Graduate School of Business – Master of Entrepreneurship
- Became the first Asian RebelMouse Wizard
- Got my Google Digital Analytics Fundamentals
- Became a Contributing Writer to The Huffington Post

..and turned myself into a Christmas Tree!

Thank YOU ALL so much for being part of it!