Facebook: Most Prefered Social Login and Sharing Platform for Q1 2014

Global Trends for Social Login and Sharing 2014

Global Social Login and Sharing Trends Q1 2014

In the most recent Global Social Login and Sharing Trends for the Q1 report by LoginRadius which data is based from the platform of 100,000+ websites and millions of its users, social media users most preferred login and sharing platform is Facebook.

The report shows that 49% users prefer logging in with Facebook on a websites, while Google+ is preferred by 28%, Twitter by 8% and Yahoo! by 4%.

Below are some of the highlights from the said report:

- Vkontakte (the second largest social network service in Europe after Facebook) users returns 18 times a year while Twitter users 10 times, and Google+ users 9 times.  

- Facebook is chosen by 57% websites as one of the social login provider, followed by Google and Twitter each 33%

- Facebook has 53% of sharing activities. Google & Twitter battle for 2nd with 11% & 10%. Email is in 4th with 6%.

- Logging in with social accounts is getting popular on mobile devices but 84% adoption is driven by PC & Mac.

 - Users under the age of 35 are 2 times more likely to use social login than older users.

 - Male users are 12% more likely to use social accounts for logging in to a website, than females

  Facebook is the Most Preferred Content Sharing Platform by 53% Users, Twitter Second

Most Preferred Social Sites When Sharing55% of Social Media Users Prefer to Login to Authorize Facebook for their Social Logins

Facebook Most Used Social Login

While Most Users Prefer Facebook as Social Login, There Had Been Increasing Preference for Google+ Social Login Trends Facebook Twitter Yahoo

84% of Users Still Access and Login to their Social Accounts through DesktopDesktop vs Mobile Social Login Preference

Male Users and Older Users Tends to Return to Sites More Than Female Demographics Social Logins 2014

Social Sharing Comparison for Women and Men

The global trend shows that there’s been an increasing social login activities not only on desktop but also on mobile. It means that whether the users are simply browsing their favorite publications, researching or about to purchase online, they prefer to use the Facebook authentication when signing up or logging in to the site. 

It also interesting to note that while most men are wary of the web security, they’re still likely to use the social logins when compared to women and even seen to have repeat visits. The trend shows that consumers are more confident in integrating their social activities to their various other online transactions. It becomes a great opportunity for marketers to really understand the online behaviors of their target market and be able to provide more relevant content and more meaningful experiences. 

Twitter Followers Analysis [REPORT]

Most Followed Social Media Expert Philippines

Twitter Audience Analysis for Jonha Revesencio (@jonharules) 

Using Simply Measured, below is an overview of my Twitter audience and reach analysis.

- 53% of my followers are from the US, 10% are from the Philippines
- 42% of followers have Klout score of 40%
- Top 1% of my followers have been listed an average of 6,456 times

My Top 15 Most Influential Followers 

Username                                                               Topics

1. @BarackObama                  - politics, celebrities, media, government, business
2. @britneyspears                   – celebrities, music, entertainment, hollywood, never say never
3. @yokoono                              - celebrities, music, entertainment, japan, fashion
4. @iamsuperbianca             – celebrities, american idol, pinoy, philippines, entertainment
5. @TweetDeck                         – technology, social media, apps, media, business
6. @mariashriver                     – celebrities, politics, entertainment, media, social media
7. TimesFashion                       – fashion, media, style, lifestyle, business
8. @benlandis                           – game boy, masters golf tournament, kickstarter, wikipedia, television
9. @lonelyplanet                       – travel and tourism, media, australia, business
10. @charitywater                    - non-profit, charities, robinho, philanthropy, environment
11. @GuyKawasaki                  - social media, technology, marketing, entrepreneurship, business
12. @DavidKWilliams              - energy, #leadership, media, quickbooks, economics
13. @AmyJoMartin                  - social media, marketing, entrepreneurship, sports, celebrities
14. @Yahoo                                 – branding, technology, social media, media, yahoo! inc.
15. @garyvee                             – social media, marketing, entrepreneurship wine, technology

You may view the full report here.

Social Media Usage in the Middle East and North Africa in 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media in Middle East and North Africa Stats Infographic

94% of the Middle East’s Social Media Users Are on Facebook

The following infographic from ictQATAR shows social media usage stats for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn in the Middle East and North Africa region.  The Social Media in the Middle East: The Story of 2013 also highlights some interesting stats in the region.

Social Media Statistics in Middle East and North Africa Region Infographics

Below are some of the key takeaways:


- 56 million Total active users
- 28 million (web), 15 million (mobile) daily login
- Egypt has the largest number of Facebook users
- UAE has the highest penetration rate

Twitter (March 2013)

- 3,766,160 – Total active users (those who logs in at least once a month)
- 5,564,890 tweets – Estimated number of tweets per day
- Nearly 3/4 of all MENA tweets are in Arabic
- Saudi Arabic has the highest Twitter penetration of anywhere in the world


- 285 million videos viewed daily
- Second highest regional consumption in the world
- Two hours of video are uploaded every minute
- Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UEA lead the number of playbacks
- 50% of all views in the KSA are via mobile

- 5.8 million users in 2012
- 10 million in 2013

Follow them on Slideshare for more interesting stats and insights.

If People Need Jobs, Why Is It So Hard to Hire? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Challenges Hiring Managers Face When Hiring

Challenges That Hiring Managers Experience

Despite the fact that there are over 13 million Americans that are unemployed, hiring managers are still having a hard time find the right candidates to fill the jobs.

If people are always looking for jobs, so why is it so hard to hire?

The following infographic from SmartRecruiters tries to answer that questions:

  • 52% of hiring managers have decided to not hire at all because they can’t find the right fit.
  • For 55% of companies, it takes over 2 months to find the right candidate.
  • 56% of people have been involved in hiring an employee at their company.
  • Difficulty and Challenges in Hiring

RC Cola is the Most Engaging Brand in the Philippines on Facebook for December [REPORT]

Most Socially Engaging Brand in the Philippines December

Top Brands on Facebook for December 2013

For our ongoing report from Socialbakers on the top brands on Facebook in the Philippines, below are some of the brands that have gotten the most engagement and top performances on Facebook.

Samsung Mobile – The Brand with the Most Local Fans
Cebu Pacific – The Most Socially Devoted Brand
RC Cola Philippines – The Most Engaging Brand on Facebook

RC Cola Philippines emerged as the most engaging brand on Facebook in the Philippines for the month of December  having 122k total interactions in their most popular post.

Top 5 Facebook Brands with the Most Number of Local Fans

1. Samsung Mobile
3. NESCAFE (Philippines)
4. Starbucks
5. Kitkat

Kit Kat Global and NESCAFE Philippines are consistent in the list of the top 10 brands with the most local fans.

Top 10 Facebook Media Pages with Most Number of Local Fans

1 . Abs-Cbn
2.  MYX Philippines
3 . FHM
4 . ABSCBN News
5 . GMA News

Top 5 Brands by Post Engagement Rate

1. RC Cola Philippines
3. ALPO Philippines
4. Ford Fiesta
5. Batang Bibbo

Top 5 Biggest Industries in Terms of Fans

2. Fashion
3. Electronics (as led by Samsung Mobile)
4. Beauty
5. Retail Food

Top 5 Socially Devoted Facebook Brands

1 Cebu Pacific Air
2 AirAsiaPhilippines
3 Delmonte Kitchenomics
4 Pepsi Philippines

Top 3 Most Popular Posts

1. RC Cola Philippines
2. Globe Telecom
3. ALPO Philippines

Top Brands on Facebook for December