100 Most In Demand Employers on LinkedIn

Top 100 Most InDemand Employees Globally

Google is the Most InDemand Employer Globally in 2012

Last year, LinkedIn released the Top 100 Most InDemand Employers, a set of rankings of the most sought-after companies on LinkedIn. The report was released in the last quarter of the year so I’m looking forward for their October 2013 report. The previous report shows that Google is the most sought-after or InDemand employer for LinkedIn’s then 175M+ members. 

A few interesting insights came out about what makes a desirable employer:

  • Tech is hot: Software was the most represented industry on the list, and Google topped several categories including our global rankings.
  • A strong consumer brand helps, but isn’t essential: Consumer powerhouses like PepsiCoCoca-ColaNike, and Disney ranked highly. But so did leading professional services firms like Deloitte.
  • Bigger isn’t necessarily better: Big global brands are well represented, but 50% of the top 100 are under 7,000 employees.

Top Most InDemand Employers: Google, Apple, Microsoft

Top 100 Most InDemand Employees GloballyTop 100 Companies Worldwide

What Are the Employees Looking for in a Company?

LinkedIn has been releasing some really interesting statistics and reports that should give companies better understanding as to what type of environment the employees are seeking. In their Getting the Know the Passive Talent Infographic, passive candidates are those professionals who are not actively seeking for a career move. Below are just some of the elements that will motivate them to say “yes”.

What Will Motivate A Talent’s Career Move?

Top motivator – 120% want to make an impact
Lifestyle compatibility – 56% want a corporate culture that fit their personality
Growth and challenge – 33% want challenging work


Why Employees MoveDoes your company foster growth and advancement to your employees? Do you provide the right amount of challenge and opportunities to grow for your employees to keep them motivated to stay and become one of the best places to work?

3 Updates That Will Make You Love LinkedIn More

Benefits of LinkedIn for Businesses and Professionals

Advantages of Using and Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

With over 200 million members in 2012 (4Million in Southeast Asia, data as of January 29, 2012), and marketers spending over $83 million on LinkedIn Marketing Solutions on the final quarter last year, Linkedin is without a doubt one of the most powerful and useful tools for businesses and professionals.

Benefits of LinkedIn for Businesses and Professionals

LinkedIn Members Users 2013LinkedIn, a professional networking platform with global users of 200 million. A powerful tool which could help businesses and professionals reach out to their target audience, build thought leadership and business relationships

When looking for a job, wanting to connect with other professionals in your field, follow thought leaders, you may now easily do all of these through the new and improved LinkedIn.

1. Smarter Search

Remember the time when you’d have to switch the categories from People to Groups to Companies whenever you try to search for something on LinkedIn? On their official blog post, Johnathan Podemsky, Product Manager at LinkedIn explained how the new LinkedIn search makes searching much easier and more efficient. Its auto-complete feature and automated alerts helps you search faster and never miss any update on your saved results.

Today, search on LinkedIn is getting even smarter and more streamlined. We’ve unified the search experience so you no longer need to search for people, companies, or jobs separately. Now, all you need to do is type what you’re looking for into the search box and you’ll see a comprehensive page of results that pulls content from all across LinkedIn including people, jobs, groups and companies.

Smarter LinkedIn Search from LinkedIn

2. Start Conversation with LinkedIn Mentions

Mentions or tagging are features that have long been implemented by Twitter and Facebook. It help users to get the attention of a specific person or group of persons and drive them to a specific conversation. LinkedIn has recently added the same feature that would make it easier for its users to start conversation and to respond in real-time.

3. Recruiter Homepage

If there is group of people who are highly benefited by LinkedIn, it would be the recruiters. In fact, 92% use LinkedIn or plan to use it for their social recruiting. Therefore, an update on its homepage

LinkedIn is trying to take features and products that have become hallmarks of consumer-focused social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and bring them into LinkedIn’s more enterprise-focused platform — its own twist on the consumerization of IT.

“Most recruiting products are outdated and designed for CIOs, not recruiters,” LinkedIn Talent Solutions’ Head of Product Parker Barrile noted in a recruitment presentation at LinkedIn’s HQ earlier today. “Fortunately, the consumerization of the enterprise has begun to infiltrate the recruiting industry and is influencing a new generation of products. Consumerization means putting the user’s priorities first.”

The new homepage acts like a recruitment dashboard, where users can look in and glance at different data points relevant to the process of finding people and filling jobs.

With the recent updates that LinkedIn has been rolling out, it makes LinkedIn an essential tool for both job seekers and recruiters to easily connect with other professionals, search for jobs and find quality applicants.

What do you think of these updates? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Importance of Online Presence in Your Job Hunt

Social Media Jobs Importance of LinkedIn

How Does Social Media Impact Your Career and Job Hunting

Gone are the days when you simply rely on job hunting through newspapers and queue up just to get a job interview or submit your CV. Seriously, is there anyone who still use paper resume these days?

With the aid of social media, you may now search for jobs online with just a few mouse clicks and submit your resume online to companies especially those who are on the look out for applications and employees to fill out their digital marketing and social media roles.

Having an established or at least decent presence online will affect how you land or lose a job. Whether you like it or not, at least 93% of recruiters still rely on LinkedIn to find the suitable candidate for the roles that they’re trying get filled. You may want to refer to my previous article on how to find a social media job through, well, social media.

Social Media Jobs Importance of LinkedIn

It really shocks me when friends approach me and ask as to how they could get a digital marketing job. My first question would be, “Do you have a LinkedIn account?“. Most people would respond they haven’t updated it in the past 6 months while some responses simply confirm my horror: They don’t have a Linkedin account.

If you’re seriously looking for social media job, it’s definitely one of the top places that you need to position yourself. One of the first few things that come up in the search results when someone Googles your name is your LinkedIn profile and it would help your career or job hunting if you have an updated one.

When I was in the Philippines, I was getting at least 20 emails and job offers via LinkedIn. I don’t know exactly how the recruiters and head hunters land into my LinkedIn profile but some of them even come to the extent of sending me SMS or giving me a call for a job interview.

Plagiarism on LinkedIn Account Details Copied

One even got the point of copying almost everything written on my LinkedIn profile. Well, I understand about blog posts being plagiarized but a LinkedIn profile..really?!

What I’m trying to say is that you need to position yourself to be found via LinkedIn so you won’t have to going in and about, running like headless chicken trying to find a job when you could simply turn yourself into a magnet to recruiters by establishing a great portfolio online.

You may refer to this link for more career-related posts and  don’t forget to connect with me on LinkedIn. (Just promise me you won’t copy everything! ;)


How Social Profiles Can Help You Land or Lose Your Job [INFOGRAPHIC

Social Recruiting

How to Make the Right Impressions From Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

92 percent of employers and recruiters use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for recruiting.

It is therefore important to make a good impression when you’re being looked at on your social profiles. Below are some of the things that recruiters are likely to react negatively to:

47% – Picturees of alcohol consumption
78% – References to doing illegal drugs
66% – Posts/tweets of a sexual nature
61% – Profanity in posts/tweets
54% – Spelling/grammar errors in posts/tweets

Social Recruiting

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