Unilab Ideas Positive Harnesses Youth’s Community-Changing Ideas

Unilab Ideas Positive Social Marketing Bootcamp

12 Student Teams Nationwide Undergo 3-day Social Marketing Boot Camp

After a series of rigorous nationwide screenings in search for the best social marketing ideas around the country, Unilab Ideas Positive has chosen 12 student teams to implement their community-changing projects with seed money of P100, 000 each. To help them prepare for their project implementation, Unilab Ideas Positive gathered these teams in a 3-day social marketing boot camp led by the country’s topmost and well-known social marketing practitioners at the Unilab Bayanihan Center in Mandaluyong City.

Among the 12 finalists, Team Five for Life (Metro Manila), Tamang TEAMpla (Metro Manila), Team Kabataang Katipuneros (Iloilo City) and Team Green Label (Davao City) focused their efforts on solving their community’s main issue of malnutrition through fun and innovative ideas such as nutrition plate guides and cooking contests. Meanwhile, Team Ba (Baguio City) and Team FNEC (Bicol) focused on improving the hygiene practices of Benguet school children and Muslim Maranao settlers respectively.

Taking on the challenge of environmental care and preservation, Team Protogenia (Batangas) proposed to train the Badjaos of Batangas on how to best utilize their surroundings for methods of self-sustenance while Team W.A.Y.A. (Iloilo City) suggested a mussel-conservation campaign. On the other hand, water-oriented projects were recommended by Team Matalaw (Batangas) and Team JEYTUDITUSI (Cavite) as they sought to establish clean-up efforts for their rivers while Team Bang (Cebu) and Team Transit (Cebu) developed water-filtering systems.

Unilab Ideas Positive was developed to create meaningful change towards the nation. We seriously take our role as a health and wellness company in building the nation, which is the reason behind the nationwide expansion of the program this year,” shared Unilab Ideas Positive program lead Barry Barrientos. “Knowing that change starts with small steps, we built Unilab Ideas Positive to partner with and give a platform for the youth to ‘positivize’ the Philippines in true Bayanihan spirit, one community at a time.”

As part of their learning adventure, the students spent time with the country’s best industry practitioners: social marketing guru Dr. Ned Roberto, social entrepreneurs Mark Ruiz, Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, Jayson Lo, Krie Reyes-Lopez and Chit Juan, and creative and communication strategist Peachy Pacquing. Dr. Ivanhoe Escartin of the DOH National Center for Health Promotion gave the students an overview of the country’s health and wellness landscape. Meanwhile, social marketing consultants and academicians Harvey Keh, Ma. Christine Reyes and Dr. Sylvia Claudio, among others, dug into the implementation details of the students’ projects to ensure smooth rollout. Social advocate Jay Jaboneta and award-winning director Jim Libiran also inspired the participants with their stories of their own advocacies.

The teams were also brought to the Gawad Kalinga (GK) Enchanted Farm in Bulacan to witness social marketing and innovation in action, led by a talk by GK Founder and President Tony Meloto.

The Unilab Ideas Positive 2011 winners—Grand Winner Team High 5, Runners-up Team AweEights and Team KaBaLiKAT—also shared their boot camp and project implementation experience.

“Assuming our newfound roles as agents of positive change in their chosen communities, we have learned the basics of social marketing and even immersed ourselves in actual social marketing practices in preparation for our very own project implementation,” shared Jhanette Co of 2011 Unilab Ideas Positive Grand Prize winner, Team High 5.

In the next six months, all 12 student teams will be implementing their projects in their respective communities, mentored by social marketing practitioners from around the country. From the 12, the five most successful youth teams in project implementation will advance to the finals for a chance to become the Unilab Ideas Positive 2012 grand winner.

For more information on the event and each team’s progress, visit their Facebook page and website. You may also follow them Twitter.

One Day on Earth at the Mabuhay Temple

One Day On Earth

Mabuhay Temple to Host One Day on Earth Screening

One Day on Earth, the first film to include footage from every country on earth all
captured in one day, will be shown for free at Mabuhay Temple on 11 June 2012 at 7:30 pm.

The International Buddhist Progress Society, Manila (IBPS) will host a free public screening of One Day on Earth at the Five Contemplations Hall of the Mabuhay Temple on 11 June 2012 at 7:30 pm.

Mabuhay Temple is located at 656 Pablo Ocampo St., Malate, Manila.

One Day on Earth is a full-length documentary feature that holds the distinction of being the first film
ever to include footage from every country on earth, all captured on a single day – 10 October 2010.
The film provides a unique look into a wide array of human activities and even offers intimate access to
rarely seen images from countries such as North Korea, Iran and Kosovo.

One Day on Earth – Motion Picture Trailer from One Day on Earth on Vimeo.

The film was able to beautifully capture the interconnectedness of human beings by showing the shared
triumphs and challenges of all people on earth. The film’s director and founder Kyle Ruddick and co-
founder and executive producer Brandon Litman, with the support of the United Nations and a global
community of filmmakers, has succeeded in creating a video time capsule of one day on planet earth,
making the documentary a great achievement, not only in film making, but also in human cooperation.

IBPS is honored that Mabuhay Temple was selected as one of the few venues to screen One Day on
Earth in the Philippines. IBPS is an organization affiliated with the Fo Guang Shan (FGS) Buddhist
order based in Taiwan with Mabuhay Temple being its branch temple in Manila. Other FGS branch
temples in the Philippines are located in Cebu, Bacolod and Iloilo. Apart from regular Buddhist prayer
services, Mabuhay Temple regularly holds other activities such as lectures, open mic events, film
screenings, temple tours, study groups and short educational programs.

For more information about the One Day on Earth screening and other activities of Mabuhay Temple,
you may check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/mabuhaytemple or the event page.  You can also send an email to [email protected] or call 559-9540.


Why Do News Satire Spread Like Wildfire?


What are satirical news?

News satire, fake news, humor news or hoax news are types of news that are often mimic or parody of credible news source. Satirical news sites rely heavily on irony and deadpan humor, which unfortunately are increasing in acceptability and usually in virality. Twitter, the microblogging platform, while may help in disseminating important world news can often become the place where satire news are easily spread too.

Why do they spread like wildfire?

Satirical news are increasing in popularity and acceptability and unfortunately at times taken seriously. Below are just three of the main reasons why.

1. Funny
Simply put, satirical news contain humor and people who find it funny are often automatically impressed to share it wit their friends and their friends in return share it with those in their network which makes virality for these hoax news sites come easily.

2. Confirmation of what we want
Let’s face it. We love to share ideas that we agree on. Unconsciously, we may find ourselves sharing or “liking” a published and concrete expression of what we want to read, see and believe. Sometimes, its the kind of news we want to know.

3. Lazy searching
Most people that browse online do not really seek for hardcore news and simply wish to be entertained. Humor sites give them exactly what they’re looking for. People no longer see the need to verify sources but simply work on their instincts and that is to share something they love and enjoy to read. Common sense simply is not too common nowadays.

How to catch a hoax?

1. Review related articles
Determining whether a news is hoax or simply a news satire requires checking the entire site for other related articles and see the tone of writing if the site has been consistently publishing reliable or simply humor news.

2. Compare with other sources
Counter-checking the source with other sources and preferably those with related and more reliable sources will help you verify whether the news is true or not.

If a lot of people take the news seriously and deem it to be credible, you may want to refer them to more credible sources and it also helps to be aware of the Top 10 Websites for Fake News & Satire.

Be vigilant and don’t just simply believe in everything you read. Think before you share.