How to Advertise on Pinterest [GUIDE]

Guide on Advertising in Pinterest

Guide on How to Advertise on Pinterest

There’s no stopping the growth of Pinterest as consumers pin and repin by the hundreds of millions, many marketers are struggling to maximize their brands’ Pinterest potential. Check out this handy Pinterest advertising guide from Prestige Marketing and start pinning your way to success.

Infographic Highlights:

79% of the Pinterest users are female

Moms are 61% more likely to use Pinterest than any other demographic

Including the price on a pin generates an average of 36% more likes

Guide on Advertising in Pinterest


The Updated and Ultimate Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media Sizing

Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

Social Networking sites layout change all the time (I’m looking at you, Facebook!). It is therefore important for marketers and designers to be aware as to what are the exact sizes for the Cover Photo, Profile Photo, etc.

I’ve previously posted The Complete Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet from Lunametrics but they have come up with the updated version now. If you’re looking for shortcuts (emoticons), you may also want to check out the Facebook Shortcuts Cheat Sheet.

Without further ado, below is the new sizing cheat sheet for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

Social Media Sizing

[via LunaMetrics

4 Steps to Increase Followers on Twitter and Pinterest

Must Follow Networking People on Twitter and Pinterest

Increase Pinterest and Twitter Following by Networking

When done right, networking can be really powerful. Anyone who has the right skills and creativity could create opportunities for themselves. The thing about networkers is that they’re really good at what they’re doing. Most of the Open Networkers I know have large following on Twitter, LinkedIn and most even have the widest reach on Facebook. Whatever it is they’re doing, they’re usually good at it. Below is one of the most creative strategies to help increase your following on Twitter and Pinterest. Right, hitting two birds with one stone!

How to Increase Twitter and Pinterest Following with List Posts

Everything that is part of a list becomes powerful and viral. Everybody wants to be included in something bigger than we are and to be aligned with those who we admire and respect which is why list posts are usually very effective. SEO people call it link baits. I’d like to call it strategy.

1. Create a list of Must Follow [Insert Targeted Category]

Define your targeted niche and create a list of people who are influential or considered thought leaders in the area. Complete the list by including some of your friends that are also interested and good in it. It’s your list, you may even want to include yourself. Self-promotion doesn’t hurt every once in a while.

2. Gather information about the people to be included on the list

Gather specific information about the people whom you will be including in the list. Best place to search would be their Twitter accounts. Since you are targeting people that are already influential and considered thought leaders in their field, chances are they’ve been part of a list before. You want may to refer to those lists too. Go to their Twitter accounts, copy their Bio. Since Twitter only allows up to 140 characters for Bio, it’s perfect for Pinterest and Twitter cross-posting.

3. Use the Twitter Bio, Get their Image and Add them to the Pinterest Must-Follow List

Now comes the real action. Go to the people’s blogs, pin their image, paste the Bio you’ve got from their Twitter account and don’t forget to include the links to their blogs. People love to be highlighted, promoted and putting a link to their blog will make them likely to promote the list post.

4. Don’t forget to tick on that “Post to Twitter” Option when Posting

Before posting, make sure that you tick the option on Pinterest which says “Post to Twitter”. That way, you ping the person included on the list on Twitter. The Twitter mention attracts attention to the post and since they’re part of the list, people will share it.

It has worked for a lot of marketers and networkers just like what Themelis Cuiper –  The Social Media Expert has done for the Must Follow Networking People on Pinterest.

It’s really a great list. I’m not saying it just because I’m part of it but really because it’s a neat list of the most follow-worthy people on Pinterest.

If you think this little tutorial helps in any way, don’t forget to connect with me on Pinterest and Twitter! (A little self-promotion doesn’t hurt once in a while ;)

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How Brands Use Pinterest to Increase Traffic and Sales

how sony uses pinterest to drive traffic and increase sales

People are addicted to Pinterest. From September 2011 to February 2012, the monthly unique visits to the Pinterest site grew over 866 percent. Therefore, it makes sense for brands to jump in and leverage the targeted traffic that goes to the site.

Mashable published the 5 Interesting Pinterest Marketing Campaigns where it recognized some of the most creative marketing campaigns by brands on Pinterest which are the following.

1. Kotex’s Women’s Inspiration Day

2. Peugeot’s Panama Puzzle
3. Guess’s “Color Me Inspired” Campaign
4. Procter & Gamble’s “Thank You Mum”
5. British Midland International’s “Pinterest Lottery”

How Sony Uses Pinterest to Drive Traffic

In an article by eConsultancy, it discusses how Sony uses Pinterest to drive up its traffic and sales. Callan Green from Sony Electronics presented Sony’s new Pinterest strategy and highlighted how businesses can get started in this growing space.

By knowing what fans wanted, this allowed the Sony team to plan its potential boards and analyze the assets they already had in its Flickr community, in house and in its archives.

Questions to ask before Embarking on a Pinterest Strategy

When you decide to embark on any type of social strategy, there are a few important questions to ask:

How are you devoting internal resources?
How does it tie into your overall businesss goals?
How will you measure success?
How do you want to be viewed on the platform?
How do you compete for eyeballs?
Sony’s strategy is to build a community and engage fans. They do that by creating pins and boards focused on three main objectives:

Driving sales through its new products board
Creating brand affinity with boards such as its retro Sony board
Building community acquisitions with techy geek fun pinning photos of things such as Harry Potter, Star Wars and the Avengers

While social networking platforms are great ways for brands to engage with its target market, it is also important to understand the behavior of the users, learn more about what they really want and need, identify areas where the brand could get in and add value before trying to jump in the bandwagon.