Fifty Shades of Grey’s Anatomy: Quotes on Collaborative Sharing and Winning

Benefits of Collaboration and Sharing Culture

The human brain is fascinating.

Benefits of Collaboration and Sharing Culture

We see and take ideas into the next level by mashing up one good idea into another in order to create a powerful combination. Aided with technology and collaborative culture, we empower individuals and turn them into communities. Sure, there are certain limits to our brain specially with multitasking.

Yet, we continue to find ways to become our excellent selves through constant learning and better experiences through collaboration. It is through collaborative thinking and sharing that we get access to ideas, talents and opportunities that we normally wouldn’t achieve in our own.

Every after work I have this habit of multitasking my learning. Or maybe it’s just my way of idling, yet I still learn in the process. I have two favorites – reading and watching movies or sitcoms. The two activities do not necessarily require much thinking and simply relaxes me thus I am confident of multitasking. It also partly explains the title. I read the Fifty Shades of Grey on my phone while watching The Grey’s Anatomy.

Therefore, Fifty Shades of Grey’s Anatomy.

The following are pieces of thoughts all throughout the experience. Some of them may not be directly from the book or the program yet these ideas sprout as I read, watch and ponder (not necessarily in that order) – both media.

The following thoughts are about collaboration, sharing experiences, self doubt and emerging and just about life in general. Bask into some inspiration from time to time. The soul brain needs it.

With collaboration, we can be extraordinary together than be ordinary on our own.

In order to take the step of the legends, you have to detour from mediocrity.

What separates you from the rest is your greatness. Don’t let a single failure define you.

Don’t chase your dream. Be the dream. - Addison Montgomery

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Turning Failures into Success

Worlds Famous Failures

World Famous Failures

We all try to avoid failure at all costs. However, just as constant as change is, failures have become part of our journey to growing too. In our lives, we all have different struggles and different strategies on how we tackle them. What matters the most is that we don’t rest in the idea of failure and that we need to keep a positive mindset that no matter how difficult the task at hand may be, there are plenty of ways on how to turn the challenges and failures of the past into success of the future.

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Happy Quotes

Short Yet Powerful and Motivational Quotes

Happy Quotes

Start your day with some dose of inspirational quotes. Today, I learned that a study shows that forcing a smile genuinely decreases stress and eventually makes you happy. You don’t have to force a smile though as the following short yet inspiring quotes might just paint a smile on your face!

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3 Ways on How to Make Your Life Matter – Without Trying So Hard

How to Make Your Life Matter

Everyone is a two-person. We all have both negative and positive attributes that completes us. We all need someone who would accept the two-person us. We all want someone who would need us that way. We all want our lives to matter. For sure we can’t all be famous at all once, all win at a single race.

But in our own little ways, to the peoplle that truly matter, our lives CAN matter.

Below are the 3 ways on how to make your life matter, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish in your life.

1. Stop trying to please everyone
I don’t know the formula of success but the formula to failure is trying to please everybody.
The only way to really make yourself happy is to do things that makes YOU happy. Stop trying to live up to everyone’s expectations and own set of definition of successful. Be your own success.

When you try to live your life the way the society wants you, you make other people happy. On the other hand, the moment you govern your life as what you truly pleases, you make YOU happy.

2. Don’t be in the rush
Getting in to the finish line is one great goal. However, trying to rush things up just to get to the finish line without enjoying the race and learning from it doesn’t make the run worthwhile. It’s like the world’s in a rush but the truth is, there’s no rush to greatness.

3. Don’t make irrational decisions
Don’t make permanent decisions on temporary emotions – Dr. Taub of (from the tv series, Dr. House)

Live your life one step at a time. Don’t be in the rush. Lastly, don’t worry to much about wanting to create an impact. Great things happen when you do your best without being so hard on yourself.