Creative and Interactive Social CV with RebelMouse

Advantages of Social Resume

Benefits of Having Visual and Interactive Resume with RebelMouse

Being creative in presenting yourself to prospective employers and hiring managers may help you standout from the rest of the applicants. Hence, there had been increasing number of creative strategies to catch the attention of employers. There’s visual CV, infographic resume, video resume and what’s becoming popular – the social CV.  
Advantages of Social ResumeSince hiring managers go through tons of applications daily, it’s really important to present your qualifications in a creative and neat way. Interactive resumes are also becoming a trend as it allows the hiring managers have a better feel and understanding of what the applicant is capable of.

I’ve previously had an infographic resume and in the industry where I am in, it has given me an edge and get a higher chance of being interviewed. However, I feel that  infographic resumes do not fully reflect what I’m capable of doing. Hence, the social resume using the RebelMouse.

It’s a neat platform that aims to showcase your social front page by connecting all of your social networks to create a beautiful, dynamic site in seconds.

Using my curation skills, I’ve setup several pages which will showcase my Recommendations and favorite Community Manager Resources.

Social Recruiting Resume


Creating my portfolio and social CV using RebelMouse was simple and easy! The hiring manager can also easily verify and read more details as all the information are actually directly linked to the original sources and published articles.

Social CV using RebelMouse

 Please have a look at my RebelMouse Social CV and let me know what you think!