Starbucks in Asia Pacific Drives 7x More Engagement Than its Global Page

Marketing in Asia Pacific Starbucks Case Study

Asia Pacific is definitely becoming increasingly one of the most important social media hubs in the world––in fact, 27% of the global Facebook population comes from the region!

Marketing in Asia Pacific Starbucks Case Study

In a recent case study by Socialbakers, they’ve analyzed national Facebook fan pages of Starbucks in 11 countries such as Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malayasia, India, Australia and Vietnam to identify which has the most number of fans, most engaging content and understand some of the best practices and strategies in the Asia Pacific region.

Interesting findings from the study  reveals that Facebook fan pages of Starbucks in APAC region drive 7 x more engagement than its global page.

Marketing in Asia Pacific Starbucks Fans Below are some other key insights about Starbucks presence in the region:

Philippines has most number of fans in the in the APAC region
with 1 540 058 (as of October 2013)
Malaysia has the most engaging content
Vietnam has greatest fan relative growth of 9.5% (Sep 2013 – Oct 2013)
Japan creates the most engaging content with outstanding ER= 1.34 %
Australia uses Facebook as customer channel with the highest response rate of 86.67%
Singapore is the most social devoted with 83.33% response rate

Does your company have a presence in Asia? Even on social media? Share with us in the comments how you optimize your strategy specifically for this region.

Image: Business Insider; Date: Socialbakers

Looking for a Job in a Startup? There’s a Spreadsheet for That!

Startup Jobs in Singapore Directory

List of Startup Jobs in Asia – Singapore

Startup companies are always on the look out for the best talents who are ready to hustle in exchange of flexible working hours and stock options (if you get lucky).

Startup Jobs in Singapore Directory

Good Startups has put together a directory listing of startup jobs in the Asia Pacific particularly in Singapore. Most of the jobs opportunities are for web developers and programmers but there are also a job or two for those in the marketing fields. Companies that have listed job opportunities include, TaskAmigo, and many others.

Here’s the link to the spreadsheet.

If you’re a startup company looking to hire topnotch talent, feel free to share your job opening in the comments below.

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Singapore: So Good Amidst the Haze

Good Things About the Haze

What Can Singapore Do While Suffering from the Haze?

While I may have been spared from the haze because I’m back in the Philippines, I constantly monitor the PSI level and my prayers and thoughts are with my friends in Singapore and Malaysia.

In times like these, it’s pretty normal reaction for people to complain (even more) but this guy proves that we can be more productive if we look not on the “why” but how you can respond positively to the situation.

“In these hazy conditions I was forced to see clearly just how selfish and inward looking I sometimes was and we could sometimes be” – Josiah Ng

Good Things About the Haze

How to Make Money Through Social Media

Social Media for Business and Individuals

Last 26 May 2013, I was privileged to speak before a crowd of Overseas Filipino Workers in Singapore on the topic How to Make Money Online through Social Media.

Social Media for Business and Individuals

The event was organized by The Global Filipino Investors in partnership with Alkansya ni Juan. I spoke together with the seasoned internet marketer, Richard Macalintal at the National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI) in Singapore. Proceeds of the said event will be used to fund the outreach program for the less fortunate kids in the Philippines.

Below is a copy of my presentation or you may view it directly through this link.

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Sure I hear ya. You probably have an awesome social media team in place. However, sometimes, it helps to get an outsider’s view on how things can be improved. Social media is constantly changing and you would need a experienced digital marketer’s fresh and actionable perspective. I’m your girl.

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